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New Recorders

These recorders are available.
Refresh your browser to see the present situation. Click Smiley Icon - Recommended Model - Click for Details or Smiley Icon - Recommended Model - Click for Details 'Recommended Model' to see reasons for my choice.
I do not handle recorders with 'German Fingering'.

In the lists below you can access images and sound files.

Click Eye Icon for a picture.     Click Speaker Icon for sound.

Garklein Flötlein
Speaker Icon - Link to Sound.

Aulos Smiley Icon - Recommended Model - Click for Details 501S Eye Icon - Link to Picture Brown/white plastic. 'Symphony'
One piece.
garklein 27.29
In Stock
Kobliczek KOB752 Eye Icon - Link to Picture Maple wood. 'Praetorius'
Two part.
garklein £166.63
In Stock

Standard (Baroque) Sopraninos

Aulos Smiley Icon - Recommended Model - Click for Details 507B-E Eye Icon - Link to Picture Brown/white plastic. Three part. 'Symphony' sopranino £15.42
In Stock

'Early' Sopraninos

Kobliczek KOB754 Eye Icon - Link to Picture Maple wood. 'Praetorius' sopranino 181.21
In Stock

Standard (Baroque) Descants (soprano)

Three part unless otherwise noted.
Descants - First Group. Suitable for Beginners

The 'school' recorder. The much maligned instrument that comes to everyone's mind when the recorder is mentioned. These are cheap and cheerful. Many others are instruments of musical torture. The Aulos 'Robin' is far better than you would ever expect from the price.

Aulos Smiley Icon - Recommended Model - Click for Details 205A Eye Icon - Link to Picture 'Robin' Plastic, brown/white. (yellow bag) Speaker Icon - Link to Sound. descant £12.50
In Stock
Descants - Second Group. Suggested for Improvers.

These models are a step or two above the cheapest and can be good value. If you are a complete beginner I do not think it would be wise to buy from the next more expensive group. Learn to play confidently first.

Aulos 703BW Eye Icon - Link to Picture 'Haka'
Rosewood finish plastic. Speaker Icon - Link to Sound.
descant  £30.83
In Stock
Descants - Third Group. Suitable for Serious Players.

These are 'best' quality models. The 'very best' quality is the preserve of individual craftsmen. If you are playing a lot... say hours a week rather than minutes a day, avoid maple and pear wood... and olive as well, you will wear the instrument out in ways that cannot be repaired.


Standard (Baroque) Trebles (alto)

Trebles - First Group. Suitable for Beginners.

All recorder players interested in classical baroque music should play the treble (alto) recorder. It is the solo recorder. Do not be put off by the change in fingering from the descant (soprano). Start with one from this group. My comments about descants and choice apply equally to trebles.

Aulos Smiley Icon - Recommended Model - Click for Details 209B Eye Icon - Link to Picture Brown/white plastic. 'Robin' treble £19.00
In Stock
Aulos Smiley Icon - Recommended Model - Click for Details 309A Eye Icon - Link to Picture Brown/white plastic. 'Bel Canto' treble £29.00
In Stock
Trebles - Third Group. More suitable for Solo Players.

The plastic models provide an interesting alternative to expensive wooden recorders for advanced and improving players. Their more individual tone quality, which favours the higher notes, may not appeal to a novice.

Aulos 709BW Eye Icon - Link to Picture Rosewood finish plastic. 'Haka' Speaker Icon - Link to Sound. treble £46.25
In Stock


Aulos 211A Eye Icon - Link to Picture Brown/ivory plastic, keyless. 'Robin' tenor £45.00
In Stock

These items have been moved here from my previous descriptive recorder list.


Recorder Cases

Descant recorder bags. Tough, padded, and colourful.
Various designs. Eye Icon - Link to Picture
sr 32384 £5.00
Plain colours. Eye Icon - Link to Picture sr 33312 £5.00
Tenor brown (Mollenhauer) MOL7723 sr 24365 £17.00
Tenor standard blue (Kung) sr 28462 £8.50
Semi-Soft Cases fabric, with stiff top and bottom and zippered gusset.
Tenor blue (Dolmetsch) E102T sr 41171 £17.00
Hard Cases   de luxe cases, wood frame, black vinyl covered, with handles. Cases marked * have a music compartment in the lid. With the one for sopranino, descant and treble it is just too small to be much use. Approximate dimensions in centimetres.
descant, 27 x 11 x 6   Eye Icon - Link to Picture SHC sr 19910 £35.00
tenor, 44 x 15 x 8 THC sr 19309 £50.00

Odds and ends.

Aulos Plastic clip-on thumb rest, for descant DTR £1.00
Aulos Plastic clip-on thumb rest, for treble ATR £1.50
Aulos Plastic clip-on thumb rest, for tenor TTR £2.00
Aulos bass recorder beak. The current model, large diameter,
12mm. (can be adapted to fit any bass pipe). Eye Icon - Link to Picture
Bass Recorder Beak (custom).The Aulos beak (above) is in short supply and they are not always in stock. I am now able to produce turned beech wood bass recorder beaks myself. Eye Icon - Link to Picture It would be best to send me the pipe but an accurate dimension for the beak end of the pipe would suffice. Please contact me if you would like one. £5.00
oil (for wood recorders) £1.00
cork grease "lipstick" MOL 6131 £2.25
descant brush / mop (soft) sr 17398 £0.75
bass brush / mop (soft) sr 17381 £4.75
Sling for any bass (Custom, simple hook.) SR43731 Eye Icon - Link to Picture £5.00
maintenance kits (Moeck) specify N/S or A/T. £19.95
antikondens (Mollenhauer) £2.50
Flute cleaning rod, aluminium £7.50


Manuscript A4 10-stave 100 pp (white pad) sr 31684 £4.50
Manuscript A4 10-stave 64 pp (white spiral-bound book) sr 31677  £3.00
Manuscript A5 4-stave (wide) 24 pp (white book) sr 31660 £2.00
Manuscript Block, 200 sheet 12 stave block. sr 25171 £4.25
'Musicland' manuscript book, A4, 12 stave. sr 22118 £0.95
Manuscript Paper. Follow this link for "DIY" files.
K&M Music Stands, multi-coloured
Special Offer - Postage Included
each £25.00
Music Stand Screws (German) for column, also wing nut, each £0.50
Music Stand Lamp (13A UK plug) £25.95
Lid Guard (to prevent slamming of piano keyboard lid) £25.00
Folding clarinet stand (store in bell) 9.25
Please see the folk music page for 6 hole 'penny whistles' in several models,
Generation, Soodlum, Shaw, Eagle, Feadog, Susato, etc. and music. Click here.
'Swannee', or Slide Whistle, coloured plastic. £2.99
Chromatic Pitch Pipe (circular) E - E' £9.95
Wittner Clockwork Metronomes
Super Mini, clockwork. £29.99
Cat, clockwork. £49.95
Owl, clockwork. £49.99
Electronic Metronome  
Yamaha QT1, choice of wood block sounds and A440. £29.99
Mostly with pear shaped cork handle, several lengths, one price. £3.95


Those made by Zen-On are no longer available. There is a Dolmetsch design based on the "Academy" model, for wooden descants and trebles. Mollenhauer also produce wooden instruments of this sort. The mechanism is differently organised.

One handed recorders to the Dolmetsch design are made by Peter Worrell.

These are very expensive items on account of their individuality and the amount of skilled work needed to produce them.



I now have descant and treble recorders for those with unusual hands. Aulos have produced instruments in which the angular position of each hole may be set by the owner to accommodate short or missing fingers. It may be played either hand at the top and plugs are provided to block holes which cannot be reached. A very comprehensive guide is provided and the loss of some fingers is not the bar to playing that it seems at first. It is possible to play with only six digits. Click here to view a pdf copy of the descant setting up instructions. This instrument makes recorder playing possible for many who have thought it beyond their physical capability.

Only the lower hand of the treble version has the holes on separate parts. Full details of the treble model are here. There are three versions of the treble. I have the 'English' one in stock. There is a rubber ring around the bell of the trebles. Its use is not explained but when I tried one out I found myself resting the end of the recorder on my desk. Query answered! The 'German' trebles are playable with one less finger than is usual and come in 'right handed' and 'left handed' versions.

Contact me if you would like to try either on approval.



I used to deal in good quality used instruments. Few of these made it onto my web pages. A small separate list is maintained. I am very fussy about quality and I do guarantee the second-hand stock, though I prefer to sell it to personal callers. I do not handle commission sales but I now have a 'small ad' page.



As I approached retirement, I 'downsized', and sold most of my large stock of music to Recorder Music Mail. (I kept the beginners methods as these are often needed by first time recorder buyers. The few that I now have left are at half price and I am open to offers.) I still have recorder interest books a selection of folk music and some used recorder music in excellent condition .



Orders by email (preferred), telephone, or post, welcome.
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Goods normally dispatched within 24 hours.

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