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No order form? Email me. 'Simples'.

Please quote the product code and brief description, including the size. If you are unsure just start a conversation. As my business is virtually closed very few items are available. Please check my recorder price list and my current stock  list for the availability of accessories and other items.

Besides what you want, I will need to know who you are, your mobile phone number (useful but not essential), where I should send things, and how you would prefer to pay for them.


Direct Transfer   PayPal   Card, via PayPal   Cash (if goods are collected)

I cannot process cards directly. Direct transfer is preferred, my bank details are on my invoices.


Minimum First Class UK postage (per parcel) for most recorders is £4.00. There are lower priced options. I may deliver without charge within about 2 miles of my home in Redland.


Collection (between 8.00am and 9.00pm) may be made, by appointment, from :-

17 Collingwood Road, Redland, Bristol, BS6 6PD

Please let me know a date and time convenient to you

This business is hanging on and still providing a service but I can no longer stand the stress of coping with the never ending updates and policy changes imposed by the major players on the web.

Google, in particular seems to want to run the world. Because I had not registered my domain with them they simply deleted any mail sent by my web server that had a Google mail account my order form's email field.

I managed to get around this by having the mail sent to me, with my client's email address in a text box. This stopped the checking process for client's email addresses. For a while it solved the problem but everything is so automatic now that people do not expect to have to enter anything except their needs. I have just had three orders in a row with no contact email address, two of them without a phone number and one of them with no name!

There are ways of working round these omissions but they take time and can be costly. So... its back to my old way of working. Progress, in reverse!

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