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Card Transactions are processed by WorldPay
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I can accept most cards.


The 'small print' answers most 'technical' queries.


The link below will take you to a form that will be emailed to me. The only essential information is your email address. You can fill in the usual order details or leave them blank and type a message into the text box.

Keep an eye on your email (and spam folder, some systems reject mail with an attachment). You will get a reply but it may not be quick at a weekend. If I ask for clarification or confirmation I will not be able to send your order until I get it.

I will be happy to answer queries sent by email to this address...

The link will open your mail application.

My NEW SHEET MUSIC stock (only) has been transferred to Recorder Music Mail. I am still selling RECORDERS.

(I'm very happy to be addressed as 'John'. Mr Saunders, Gordon, who started the business, has retired. My surname is Everingham.)

My new order form sends me your information by email. Please, if possible, quote any reference number that you have been told or found on my site. Please check that any music you order is for the size of recorder you play. S is for descant (soprano) and A is for treble (alto). The bracketed words are international. All other abbreviations are listed here.

If you wish, you may visit me by appointment. Email is my preferred method of communication. The email link above will usually add a suitable subject line. I get so much spam that there is a risk that I may delete your mail at my server. I am wondering if mail with subject line 'time pieces' that I trashed along with fifty invitations to buy fake designer watches might have been a genuine mail relating ABRSM books. Unfortunately, its too late now. I don't use a spam filter. I found it more trouble that it was worth. If you do, check your spam folder. My replies sometimes end up in one. I have no idea why!

You can find my telephone number and mailing address by clicking here but please use the email address above if at all possible. Do not leave an email address on my answer phone, it can be impossible to work them out. Just send me a brief email using the link above. A new regime started in October 2007 and you should not plan a visit without contacting me beforehand.

  1. This is a small business and works by personal service rather that automatic machines. There is no 'shopping cart' or computerized automatic billing. Orders are processed by me, John Everingham, or, occasionally by a helper, whose name appears on receipts. Cheque payments should be made to 'Saunders Recorders'. I may be available on the phone during the working day (not Wednesdays or Thursday afternoons) but my smart phone checks email many times a day. If you wish to contact me please do it by email. I am now working towards 'retiring'. Any lengthy period away will be announced on my news page. You can expect email to be answered within 24 hours (excluding Sundays). Do check your 'spam' folder. My reply may not come from the account that received your mail. If you don't get a reply please try again. I receive huge amounts of spam and may have deleted your mail by mistake.

  2. Trial & Approval. Two instruments can be sent for trial, sometimes more, it depends. For "non-regulars" I request advance payment for the most expensive instrument. Conditions (pdf document 6KB).

  3. Direct transfer payment via on-line banking is welcome. My account details are now printed on my invoices. This is primarily for the convenience of clients with a sterling account with a UK bank. Please let me know when you pay this way. Without prior agreement direct payment raises problems in identifying the credit to my account.

    Direct transfer from a non-sterling account or from a non-sterling cash deposit must be agreed beforehand so that I can explain the difficulties. I expect my clients to settle my invoices in full (its not unreasonable!). There are very significant charges for transfers from other currencies, and the option to add all charges must be checked. (For small amounts sending euro notes through the post is a good economic solution.)

    'Currency' transfers generate additional costs over and above the exchange rate. Such transactions must be agreed beforehand. If you pre-empt me and make a payment from which my bank deducts transaction charges, relying on my goodwill to absorb them, you may find that I will not consider the invoice 'paid'.

    Please be aware that direct transfer is not a protected means of payment but you may rely absolutely on my integrity. (Just Google me!) It is used mainly by business, corporate, and account clients. There has been publicity in the UK regarding scams associated with direct payments and I think you should be warned of its potential for abuse. For a vendor, a direct funds transfer is better than cash. There are no banking charges and the money arrives very quickly. But, should the vendor default on the agreement to send goods, there are no banking remedies or guarantees that would help you recover your payment. In the event of a refund of a payment made by direct transfer I will need your banking details. There is no security issue as money can only be 'pushed' into the specified account, and never 'pulled' from it. (I am not able to set up 'Direct Debits'. If you need extended credit you can get it from your card provider.)

  4. 'PayByLink'. I process card payments on-line and secure payment links are sent by email. This is the best option for clients without a sterling account.

    It works on an individual, client by client, basis. The payment page is generated for each transaction and does not exist before an invoice has been produced. I do not need to have your card details. Please note, this is not to be confused with 'PayPal'. The service is provided by WorldPay.

    There are detailed notes on the way it works here... WorldPay Notes

    I am no longer able to process a card payment over the phone. (I have changed the class of the service. Previous notes do not apply.)

  5. Orders need to be paid for when I have confirmed them. Credit and Debit cards are a very easy way of achieving this, especially for overseas customers. Card info is made up of the long number, expiry date and issue number or issue date, if there is one. The security code is only needed for phone orders. Do not send it in a mailed order. Do not send any of this information to me via the internet. My computer system records customer information, including purchases, but not card numbers and dates. Any card details that I have written down are kept safely and destroyed after their use. Full credit account status is available on request.

  6. Do not email credit card info. This is a security issue. Phone me or write if you do not want to use Direct Payment or the PayByLink system. I am not permitted to process card information sent by email.

  7. If you have a query please check all of this page, my information page, and my lists before contacting me. Click this link if there are no menus at the left and top of your screen and you are viewing this on a large screen.

  8. I am happy to send anything anywhere, sometimes I will even deliver it myself up to a hundred miles or so if it is big and valuable. For orders from official bodies, goods are sent on receipt of order. For individuals it depends on the value and how well you are known to the business.

  9. If you are known to the business please do not be offended by a "Pro-Forma" invoice.

  10. The minimum delivery charge is £3.00. This will cover music up to about 1cm. of thickness (within the UK). Recorders are so thick that the minimum postage is now £4.50 but this will cover several plastic recorders. Supply is usually by return using the First Class service. My postal charges include VAT (except non EU exports) and cover administration as well as the cost of the stamps. I use my judgement to reduce the charge for big orders. Valuable packages are insured, at a small extra charge. You can check postal rates at

    Once a delivery has been made (and signed for where applicable) the goods become the responsibility of the addressee. Any return costs (including insurance) will not be reimbursed or credited other than by specially negotiated agreement.

  11. If you have changed your address since you last ordered, please say so.

  • I have provided order forms in Word and text format for your guidance and convenience. Do Not email card information in any form. These documents are intended for sending by mail. (You need to right click the link to save the text version.)

  • Fax. I have disconnected my fax machine. It is a very long time since I received a genuine fax message.

  • I am prepared, by arrangement, to accept payment for small invoices in euro notes.

  • I am prepared to accept payment via the services of Western Union.

  • I do not have a PayPal account.

  • I accept sterling cheques but may delay sending goods until they are cleared.

My phone (+ 44 (0) 117 973 5149) goes to an answering machine after 8 rings. I do not stand by the phone. Please leave a message if I do not pick it up. This is my 'business' line and you should not expect me pick it up outside business hours. I am usually away from the phone all day on Wednesdays and on Thursday afternoons. If you need advice please do not ask me to ring you back. Email me or try ringing again, later. I am more likely to be available in the morning than the afternoon. If I should contact you via my mobile phone please do not publicise its number.

If you do intend to leave a message, please be prepared, plan what you want to say, and give details slowly, there are some things which I cannot guess. Say "Hello" or something similar at the start, it helps the machine and improves the recording quality. Please repeat address and card details, especially if you are using a mobile phone. Some of the messages I receive from these 'wonderful' devices are broken and distorted. A quiet background helps. A recorder being played in the background can make it difficult to impossible to make sense of the voice message. Don't forget your name, address and phone number!

I have a camera and scanner readily available and can supply pictures (or even sound files) of most items on request.

I no longer sell music. You can use my lists to explore what is available.
When ordering music, please give as much information as you can, including the instrument. (With music the publisher can be very important.) Also, if you are in any doubt as to whether you will want to keep any item, please say so at the time of ordering.


The prices include VAT (UK sales tax) at 20% where applicable. The exVAT prices are provided for the convenience of customers outside the EU. I am happy for customers to avail themselves of the UK assisted purchases scheme. (link) (Delivery is not included in the price of the goods.) Music and books are not subject to VAT. Mail order customers outside the EU pay the exVAT price where listed. VAT is refundable to most visiting customers with a permanent residential address outside the EU.

I cannot make any firm statement regarding the level of such local taxes as may be imposed by the administration in your country. These are very much a lottery! However, it is rare for postal items to attract taxes. Such charges are much more likely to be levied on items transported by private carriers.

Please regard the prices of out of stock goods as being for guidance only and check by email before ordering. I am available on the phone for any special agreement if really necessary. Schools and other quantity customers may, at the time of ordering negotiate for special terms. Regular customers will know that my prices are remarkably stable and competitive on the goods I import direct, but there will inevitably be changes. I may negotiate around mistakes in my lists but reserve to right to correct typographical errors as they come to light. The most accurate source of price information is the pdf stock list.


My policy is generally to give full refunds. But if goods are returned after an unreasonably long time (typically, more that ten days) or are soiled or damaged I reserve the right to make a re-stocking or refurbishment charge. Do not attempt any modification, adjustment or apply any recorder oil. I am prepared to accept returns where there is no fault with the goods but they are found to be unsuitable. Please contact me first before sending anything back. (Do not invent problems in order to justify a return. An honest statement as simple as 'I don't like it.' or 'I can't get on with it.' is sufficient.) I do expect the postal charges to be met even when no purchase results from a trial.



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