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Clients' Instruments

(Illustrations not to scale. Colours approximate, but close.)

The instruments listed here are not the property of the business. This is effectively a 'small ads' page. The postings are made on the basis of 'good faith'. Please email me if you wish to sell an instrument via this page. The charge for this is £5.00 for each item.

I have produced a page of advice on value and producing images here.

This page does work! Many recorders have been sold through it. It may be rather empty at the moment but there are people keeping an eye on it and search engines find it.

If you wish to purchase one of these instruments you should contact the vendor, by email. These are not 'commission sales'. Neither John Everingham nor Saunders Recorders is in any way responsible for any aspect of the instruments or any deal that may be negotiated.

I have produced one of my extended pages on the subject of used instruments. You would do well to read it! Click here.

If you are unsure of the implication of technical terms check my Glossary.


(Private Sale)

GARKEIN FLOTLEIN (Garkleinflötlein)

None available at the moment.


None available at the moment.


None available at the moment.


None available at the moment.


Yamaha Tenor Recorder made of maple wood.

Yamaha Tenor

As new, in original case. Made in Japan. £350.

This instrument is offered by Lynne Kirkman (Glastonbury) whose email address is

This address is an image, not text. You will have to type it into your mailer. This is to stop a web crawler using it to generate spam.


None available at the moment.


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