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Books on the Recorder and Music




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Soft cover except where indicated "hb".

Antique Musical Insts. & Their Players M.Sales Dover £4.95
   by Jack Brymer
Kahn & Averill   £12.95
The Early Flute
   by John Solum
O.U.P.   £18.99
The Essential Guide to Irish Flute & Tin Whistle (inc. 2CD's)
   by Grey Larsen
K.Mayhew. 98214BCD £37.99
Free Ornamentation in Woodwind Music
    by B. B. Mather & D. Lasocki
McG & M Info  
Flute Technique
   by Gareth Morris
O.U.P. 01931 8432X £16.99
The Flute & Flute Playing
   by T. Boehm
Dover DP 12154 £4.95
Fontegara (Venice 1535)
   by Sylvestro Ganassi
Lienau RL 16370 £38.50
Hoffnung's Musical Cartoons
   The little books are back. Each one is £6.95
  Hoffnung's Acoustics Link to picture.
  The Hoffnung Companion to Music Link to picture.
  Hoffnung's Musical Chairs Link to picture.
  The Hoffnung Music Festival Link to picture.
  The Hoffnung Symphony Orchestra Link to picture.
Interpretation of French Music
   from 1675 to 1775
   by Betty Bang Mather
McG & M Info  
The Interpretation of the Music of the  17  &  C18, with appendix.
   by Arnold Dolmetsch
Dolmetsch & Press £13.00
Key Concepts in the Orff Music Therapy
   by Gertrude Orff
Schott ED12339 £12.00
Making Sense of Music
   by Colin Durrant & Graham Welch
Cassell 0-304-33082-5 £9.99
The New Everyman Dictionary of Music
   Eric Blom rev. D. Cummings
Dent   £8.95
Principles of the Flute, Recorder & Oboe
   by J-M Hotteterre. (English text)
Dover DP 12105 £8.95
Purcell (Illustrated Life)
   by Simon Mundy
M.Sales Omnibus £7.95
The Recorder - Based on Historical Models Link to picture. Fred Morgan - Writings and Memoirs (English Language version.) Mollenhauer 6406 link
The Recorder A Basic Workshop Manual
   by Adrian Brown
LPM DOL 112 6.95
The Recorder and its Music.
   by Edgar Hunt
Peacock Press TRAM £12.95
The Recorder its Traditions & its Tasks
   by H.Peter (English text)
FMD D 1192 £21.00
The Recorder Player's Handbook.
   by H. M. Linde
Schott ED 12322 £16.99
Recorder Technique & A Practice Book
   (pair) by Anthony Rowland-Jones
RMM R-J £20.00
The Recorder Today
   by Eve O'Kelly
C.U.P. 05213 6681X £22.99
Tone & Intonation on the Recorder
   by Edward L Kottick
McG & M Info  
   by Michael Talbot
  BBC £2.25
Vivaldi (Illustrated Life)
   by John Booth
M.Sales Omnibus hb £12.95
Woodwind Instruments & Their History
   by Anthony Baines
Dover DP 14523 £13.95
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