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There are no methods for the tenor... use one for the descant.
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Enjoy the Recorder
by Brian Bonsor
(Recommended for older children and adults.)
Please click here for the author's comments.

  Descant Book l (orange) Schott ED 11464
  Accompaniments & notes to Bk 1 Schott ED 11465
  Descant Book 2 (light blue) Schott ED 11466
  Accompaniments & notes to Bk 2 Schott ED 11467
  Treble Book 1 (green) Schott ED 11468
  Accompaniments & notes to Bk 1 Schott ED 11469
  Treble Book 2 (was brown) Schott ED 11470
  Accompaniments & notes to Bk 2 Schott ED 11471
  From Descant to Treble Book 1 Schott ED 12229
  From Descant to Treble Book 2 Schott ED 12259
  Accompaniments (to Pts 1 & 2) Schott ED 12249
  Six Concert Pieces descant Schott ED 12345
  Six Concert Pieces, descant part only Schott ED 12345-01
  Five Concert Pieces treble Schott ED 12346
  Five Concert Pieces, treble part only Schott ED 12346-01

I Love Recorder
by Sally Adams.

This is a new method (2012). The pupils books include 'enhanced' CDs with demo and backing tracks and also the piano accompaniments in pdf format. (You will need to 'explore' the CD to find these.) The material is 'up beat' and well performed on the CD.

Book 1 covers naturals D to D in the lower register, with F# (no F natural), note values and (rests), semibreves, minims and crotchets, common time and articulation.

Book 2 adds bottom C and F natural (low and high), C#, B flat, quavers, 3/4 time and everything else needed for Grade 1 examinations.

I Love recorder
  Book 1 + CD Spartan QT 131
I Love recorder
  Book 2 + CD Spartan QT 138

Recorder Wizard
by Emma Coulthard.

These books are very colourful and the pupils books include CDs. The material is good and varied, a mixture of 'real' music and jingles making teaching points. The approach is 'cool' and the 'star' status of a boy recorder player marks this method as refreshingly different. The background notes and suggestions in the teacher's book to go with the recital pieces are interesting and constructive.

Recorder Wizard
  Book + CD M.Sales CH 68574
Recorder Wizard Recital Pieces
  Book + CD M.Sales CH 69432
  Teacher's Book M.Sales CH 69443
Recorder from the Beginning
by John Pitts.
Recommended for children.

This series has been re-vamped with more tunes and coloured pictures. Book 1 is the least changed, with Book 2 and Book 3 progressively more different. There are matching books for teachers and pupils books with a bundled CD. (The CDs are good!)

The immediately previous versions, styled "New Edition" because they replaced the original, remain available, some with a "Classic Edition" sticker. They have blue and brown rather the black print. All the musical examples are the same as the first edition. I no longer hold stock of all the superceded versions. There are no new versions of the other titles.

There is now a full colour version of Treble Recorder from the Beginning. It is very different from the previous edition. (See below.)

Recorder from the Beginning
  Book 1 Full Colour Edition (descant) M.Sales EJ 10076
  Bk 1 + CD Full Colour Edition M.Sales EJ 10087
  Book 2 Full Colour Edition (descant) M.Sales EJ 10109
  Bk 2 + CD Full Colour Edition M.Sales EJ 10120
  Book 3 Full Colour Edition (descant) M.Sales EJ 10142
  Bk 3 + CD Full Colour Edition M.Sales EJ 10153
  Teacher's Book 1 Full Colour Edition (piano acc. and notes) M.Sales EJ 10098
  Teacher's Book 2 Full Colour Edition (piano acc. and notes) M.Sales EJ 10131
  Teacher's Book 3 Full Colour Edition (piano acc. and notes) M.Sales EJ 10164
Associated Titles.
  Tune Book 1 (descant) M.Sales EJ 10000
  Tune Book 2 (descant) M.Sales EJ 10001
  Tune Book 3 (descant) M.Sales EJ 10002
  Around the World M.Sales CH 61541
  Blues, Rags & Boogies M.Sales CH 61383
  Blues, Rags & Boogies Bk + CD M.Sales CH 65593
  pno. acc. for above M.Sales CH 61384
  Pops and Shows M.Sales CH 61539
  pno. acc. for above M.Sales CH 61540
Treble Recorder.

The New Full Colour Treble Recorder from the Beginning book retains some of the original tunes and includes treble and descant duets. It ends with a clear full fingering chart for descant and treble recorders. While primarily aimed at young descant players moving to the treble it includes enough theory to be suitable for those (usually adults) who are playing the recorder for the first time. Both will find the material valuable and the presentation attractive.This edition deserves to be a 'winner'.

  Treble RFB New Full Colour Edition M.Sales CH 74646
  Treble RFB New Full Colour Edition Bk +  2CDs M.Sales CH 72919
  Treble RFB Teacher's Book New Full Colour Edition (piano acc. and notes) M.Sales CH 73854
  Treble RFB Concert Pieces with CD M.Sales CH 71181
  Treble RFB Concert Pieces Teacher's Book M.Sales CH 71192

  Treble RFB (original) M.Sales EJ 10003
  Treble RFB Teacher's Book (original)
   (piano acc. and notes)
M.Sales EJ 10004
Ensemble Books.
Recorder Duets from the Beginning (for descant recorders)
  Book 1 M.Sales CH 61213
  pno. acc. for above M.Sales CH 61251
  Book 2 M.Sales CH 61214
  pno. acc. for above M.Sales CH 61252
  Book 3 M.Sales CH 61215
  pno. acc. for above M.Sales CH 61253
Descant & Treble Recorder Duets from the Beginning
  Book M.Sales CH 61297
  pno. acc. for above M.Sales CH 61304
Recorder Trios from the Beginning (SSA, SAA, SAT, mixed)
  Book M.Sales CH 61422
  pno. acc. for above M.Sales CH 61464
Recorder from the Beginning Cristmas Song Book (above Bk1 level)
  Book M.Sales CH 61424
  pno. acc. for above M.Sales CH 61299
Old Editions.
  Book 1 (descant) To special order only now. M.Sales EJ 10006
  Book 1 + CD To special order only now. M.Sales EJ 10055
  Book 2 (descant) To special order only now. M.Sales EJ 10007
  Book 2 + CD M.Sales EJ 10056
  Book 3 (descant) M.Sales EJ 10008
  Book 3 + CD M.Sales EJ 10057
  Teacher's Book 1 (piano acc. and notes) M.Sales EJ 10012
  Teacher's Book 2 (piano acc. and notes) To special order only now. M.Sales EJ 10042
  Teacher's Book 3 (piano acc. and notes) M.Sales EJ 10014
The Red Hot Recorder Tutor
by Sarah Watts of Razzamajazz fame.
A bright new method with CD.
The swinging tunes are aimed at youngsters but are well liked by U3A beginners too.
The treble book includes ensemble pieces.
  The Red Hot Descant Book
    & CD
K.Mayhew 3611786
  Teacher Copy The Red Hot Descant Book
    & CD
K.Mayhew 3611785
  The Red Hot Descant Book,
    pack of 10 with one CD
K.Mayhew 3611799
  The Red Hot Descant
   Book 2 & CD
K.Mayhew 3612319
  Teacher Copy The Red Hot Descant
   Book 2 & CD
K.Mayhew 3612320
The 'Recorder Songs' are more pieces, for absolute beginners, combined with lyrics, to aid learning.
  Red Hot Recorder Songs (S)
   Recorder part & CD.
K.Mayhew 3612105
  Teacher Copy Red Hot Recorder Songs (S)
   Piano part & CD.
K.Mayhew 3612117
  The Red Hot Treble
   Book & CD
K.Mayhew 3611842
  Teacher Copy The Red Hot Treble
   Book & CD
K.Mayhew 3611843
  For other Sarah Watts and Red Hot titles
    see the Recorder & CD section
Recorder World
by Pam Wedgwood

A new, lively, modern method which does not dumb down.

Pictures, duets, animals, games, and projects in economic black and white.

The two books cover bottom C to high G, with F#, Bb and C#, all very clearly and accurately presented.

  Book 1 Faber 51985 7
  Book 1 pack of 10 Faber 52291 2
  Book 2 Faber 52239 4
  Book 2 pack of 10 Faber 52292 0
  Teacher's Book Faber 51984 9
  Backing CD for Books 1 & 2. Faber 52290 4
  RecorderWorld Repertoire 1 (S SS) Faber 52358 7
  RecorderWorld Ensemble (SS SSS SSSS) Faber 52381 1
  RecorderWorld Christmas (SS) Faber 52355 2

Old MacDonald's Recorder Book
by Peter Wastell

A method from the author of the excellent Learn As You Play tutors.

Pictures, duets, animals, games, in full colour, for younger beginners.

  CD ROM B.& H. M 060 11203 4
  Book 1 each B.& H. M 060 10778 8
  Book 1 pack of 10 B.& H. M 060 10800 6
  Book 2 each B.& H. M 060 10779 5
  Book 2 pack of 10 B.& H. M 060 10801 3
  Piano accompaniment (for both books) B.&H. M 060 10799 3
  Barn Dances B.& H. M 060 11019 1
  Christmas Book B.& H. M 060 11017 7
Fun and Games with the Recorder.
Adapted from the original German by Peter Bowman.

This method is unlike any other. It explores all aspects of sounds produced by the recorder and includes games and theory.The books are very colourful and interactive. Experienced teachers will find it a very welcome change.

Avoid the first choice fingering for Bb ! It is of very little use on the descant, but works well as an Eb on F recorders. Teachers should acquire a copy of the commentary. The Tune Books include a separate piano part

Descant Recorder
  Tutor Book 1 Schott ED 12590
  Tune Book 1 Schott ED 12591
  Tutor Book 2 Schott ED 12592
  Tune Book 2 Schott ED 12593
  Tutor Book 3 Schott ED 12594  
  Tune Book 3 Schott ED 12595
  Teachers' Commentary Schott ED 12596
Treble Recorder
  Treble Tutor Book 1 Schott ED 12703
  Treble Tutor Book 2 Schott ED 12705
  Treble Tune Book 2 Schott ED 12706
  Treble Teachers' Commentary Schott ED 12707
by Jane Sebba & David Moses
A new recorder method for youngsters, from A. & C. Black.
It is bright and has some good ideas.

Beware the erroneous idea in the first edition of fingering low F optionally with the little finger! Following strong representations the 2nd printing and the website have been altered.* Some notes in the pieces have been changed too. You can identify the new printing of books 3 and 4 by the presence of my name in the acknowledgments.

The set of four books covers a lot of ground. If you are not already musically literate you will find it raises questions which are not answered in the books. The material is modern and has a positive approach to unconventional sound production in a similar way to "Fun and Games", (from Schott & Co.). Access to the web site would be a real advantage.

* I do not favour the presentation of any alternative fingerings at this level. My advice is that non-specialist teachers should adopt the first choice fingerings set out in the leaflet provided with a new recorder. The chart provided with "Aulos" recorders is excellent.

  Book 1 (yellow) A. & C.Black 07136 5142 3
  Book 1 (yellow) with CD A. & C.Black 07136 6581 5
  Book 2 (red) A. & C.Black 07136 5143 1
  Book 3 (blue) A. & C.Black 07136 5144 x
  Book 4 (green) A. & C.Black 07136 5145 8
  Piano Accompaniments (Bks. 1-4) A. & C.Black 07136 7044 4
  CD 1 (for books 1 & 2) A. & C.Black 07136 5929 7
  Classical Stars
   Score, CD and CDROM for printing unlimited parts. Mix n' match, 4 descants and any other recorders.
A. & C.Black 07136 7046 0
  Christmas Stars (as above)
   Link to titles.
A. & C.Black 07136 7045 2

This is the "Ant and Bee" of recorder tutors. Pictures (to colour), a story line, good tunes, musically sound. Love it or hate it! Special order only now.

  Recorder Book 1 (second edition) Peters ISBN 1 870433 80 7
  Piano Acc. for Recorder Book 1 Peters ISBN 1 870433 30 0
  Recorder Book 2 Peters ISBN 1 870433 20 3
  Piano Acc. for Recorder Book 2 Peters ISBN 1 870433 40 8
  Manuscript Book (white paper, 16 page, 12 stave) with theory notes
Recorders In Class
A new Approach to Recorders
in Classroom Music.

"A practical music resource for Primary KS3, focusing on the recorder, complete with CD, photocopyable flash cards and pupil pages." This Yamaha publication has been put together by my former colleagues in the Avon County Music School. It is all very sound and aimed squarely at the mixed ability junior school class. It does not cover much ground, but what it does cover, it covers very well.

This publication is no longer available but I may be able to help you if you have a CD problem.

  Recorders in Class, with CD Yamaha YRIC1
Team Recorder by Richard Duckett
( BEWARE ! Wrong fingering for low F in early editions.)
  Team Recorder I.M.P. 18112
Sing Clap and Play the Recorder
by Heather Cox & Garth Richard
  Book 1 M. Sales EJA 10732
  Book 2 M. Sales EJA 10740
  Concerts to S,C. & P. M. Sales EJ 10029
  Carols to S,C. & P. M. Sales EJ 10030
Beginning the recorder
by Douglas Coombes. Edited by Elizabeth Wilson
  Book 1 M. Sales CH 63316
  Book 2 M. Sales CH 63327
Play Time by Margot Fagan
(Longman First Recorder Course)
(For youngest children.)
Small quantities of priced items in stock.
  Stage 1 C.U.P. 0-521-56993-1
  Stage 2 C.U.P. 0-521-56992-3
  Stage 3 C.U.P. 0-521-56991-5
  Stage 4 C.U.P. 0-521-56990-7
  Stage 5 (Starting Treble) C.U.P 0-521-56989-3
  Stage 6 (Cont. Treble) C.U.P. 0-521-56988-5
  Teacher's Book (mainly text) C.U.P. 0-521-
  100 Good Tunes C.U.P. 0-521-56994-X
  Play Together (A first ensemble book) C.U.P.  
  Play Now C.U.P. 0-521-
Recorder Playing
by Steve Rosenberg
This is a straight forward and well thought out method with an emphasis on early music. The tunes are good (definitely no 'jingles'!) and there are many duets. The material goes up to G above the stave, with some 'black notes' omitted. There is though, a full fingering chart.
  Book 1 B & H M 060 2281 4
Aulos 1
by Philip Evry
  Book M.Sales 05259
  (There is no "book two".)
The School Recorder Book
by Priestly & Fowler
  Book 1 (descant)
   (The piano accompaniment book is out of print.)
M.Sales EJ 10015
  Book 2 (descant & treble) M.Sales
  Advanced Recorder Technique M.Sales EJ 10017
     Dr Carl Dolmetsch. (Previously School Recorder Book 3)
  Please contact me if you are seriously interested in the above historic title.
  The School Recorder Book of Carols M. Sales EJ 10018
The recorder method which integrates with the school song books from A.& C.Black. (The yellow books with the rabbit on the back!)
  Book 1A
  Book 1
  Book 2
  Book 3
  Book 4
  Book 5 a collection of 2, 3, & 4 part arrangements (no bass)
  Book 6 Hymns & Carols (as above)
  Book 7 First Tunes for Treble Recorder (some duets and trios)
  Book 8 Carols a collection of 3 & 4 part arrangements nla
  Book 9 Tunes from "Strawberry Fair" (folk tune arrangements)
The New Recorder Tutor
by Stephen Goodyear
  Book One, descant M.Sales IMP 50000
  Companion Pieces to Book One. Piano score.   O/P Two only.
  Book Two, descant M.Sales. IMP 50001
  Book Three, treble M.Sales IMP 50002
  Book Four, bass O/P
My Recorder Tune Book
A method, by Freda Dinn
  Pupils' Book (was ED 10064a) Schott ED 10064-01
  Teachers' Book (was ED 10064b) Schott ED 10064-02
Recorder Playing
by Brian Davey
  Book 1 + CD in colour
   for Descant Recorders
  Book 1 in colour
   for Descant Recorders (without CD)
  Book 2 + CD
   for Descant Recorders
  Book 2 for Descant Recorders
   (without CD, to special order)
  Book 3 for Descant Recorders
   (without CD)
  Book 4 for Treble Recorder
   (without CD)
  Book 5 The Big Bass Book
   (without CD) Progressive tunes, with fingerings.
Me and My Recorder
by Marlene Hobsbawm
  Part 1 Faber 51045 0
  Part 2 Faber 51052 3
Playing the Recorder, What Fun!
Tom Stone
  Book 1 and CD Spartan Reba 00711
  Book 2 and CD Spartan Reba 00712
New (2014) and colourful. Translated from Dutch... unexpected names for some tunes, American spelling and usage.
Play Recorder... Today!
Tom Anderson
  Book and CD Hal Leonard HL00700919
I was persuaded to order a copy of this new publication against my instincts. The book is nicely presented, the instruction is clear, the fingerings are correct and the examples are effective. However, there is no disguising the fact that this book and CD comes from the USA. The transatlantic words have no place here in the UK. The backing is from a very noisy synthesiser, and, horror of horrors, the demo recorder track isn't a recorder! I don't feel any need to say any more about this "Ultimate Self-Teaching Method".
My comments on recorder fingering, previously here, have been removed from this page. You can find them here

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