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Advanced Recorder Methods

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for more advanced students and adults.
A Baroque Ornamentation Tutor for Recorder by Janos Bali
   Not so much a tutor book as a collection of around 50 musical examples, grouped according to period and style, with comments on how to execute them.
     Listed with the Studies EMB Z 14409 #
Fontegara (Venice 1535)
   by Sylvestro Ganassi ed. Hildemarie Peter
Lienau RL 16370 link
to 'Books'
Advanced Recorder Technique by Gudrun Heyens
   New and comprehensive.
  Volume 1,
   Finger & Tongue Technique.
Schott ED 9761  
  Volume 2,
    Breathing & Sound.
Schott ED 9762  
The Modern Recorder Player by Walter van Hauwe
   (not for anyone without musical experience.)
  Volume 1 Schott ED 12150  
  Volume 2 Schott ED 12270  
  Volume 3 Schott ED 12361  
Method for the Treble Recorder
   by Franz J.Giesbert
   (With buttress finger technique.)
Schott ED 4469  
Method for the Recorder
   (descant and treble) by F.J.Giesbert
      100 Dance Tunes & Melodies.
      30 Progessive Exercises.
Schott ED 2430a nla
The Trapp Family Recorder Method rev. Edgar Hunt
  Book 1 Descant or Tenor Schott ED 11226  
  Book 2 Treble, Sopranino (or Bass) Schott ED 11227  
Treble Recorder Technique
   by Alan Davis
M.Sales NOV 120545  

These Bass Recorder methods assume a working knowledge of the treble recorder.
The Bass Recorder
   by Edgar Hunt This is not a tutor book.
Schott ED 11221  
The Bass Recorder Handbook
   by Denis Bloodworth This is not a tutor book.
M.Sales NOV 110202  
Mrs McGillivray's Welcome
   A Bass Recorder Tutor
   with a Scottish Flavour.
Hawthorns TT 01  
Playing the Bass Recorder
   by Helmut Mönkemeyer
   (German, English, French)
Moeck EM 2038  
The Big Bass Book - Brian Davey
   (without CD) Progressive tunes, with fingerings.
RMM DMP 105 link
Bass Recorder Workshop with CD
  Convert to playing the bass in an ensemble! Gentle introduction, and play along CD, with all parts. Real music. Play with ensemble Dreiklang Berlin!
  Volume 1 Uni UE 31970  
  Volume 2 Uni UE 31971  
  Volume 3 Uni UE 31972  

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