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Treble recorder is assumed unless marked otherwise.

(S) indicates descant (soprano) recorder and (A) indicates treble (alto) recorder.

For a complete list of the abbreviations I use please click here.

Seven Short Songs (Soprano with S or A recorder)
Composers:- Works by:- Geoffrey Bush, David Dorward, John Golland, Inglis Gundry, Geoffrey Kimpton, Nicholas Marshall, Betty Roe. Forsyth FZZ 19  
Alwyn, William
William Alwyn Seascapes Forsyth FAW 01  
     (Four songs for soprano voice, alto recorder and piano.)
Arne, T. A.
Thomas Arne A Wood Nymph for soprano voice & recorder
    (N, or S, or A, & Pno) two violins & cello ad lib.
   archive photocopy (Score + Parts)
Schott ED 11758  
Bach, J.S.
J. S. Bach Aria "Sheep may safely graze"
    Soprano Voice, score and parts, (AA), cont.
Schott ED 11759  
Crossley-Holland, Peter
Peter Crossley-Holland Collected Songs (several with recorder/flute). Forsyth FCH 01  
Handel, Georg Friedrich
G. F. Handel Two soprano Arias, "Augelletti", "Il volo", (Rinaldo)
   recorders (NAA) & (AA), strings and continuo.
Sikorsky 539  
G. F. Handel    string set      
G. F. Handel Nine German Arias
   For soprano voice and solo treble instrument.
Bär. BA 4245  
Marshall, Nicholas
Nicholas Marshall Seven Folk Songs. Soprano, N, S, or A.and piano. Forsyth FMN 03  
Nicholas Marshall Carousel, (Seven Children's Songs)
   (Soprano), N, S, or A. recorder and piano.
Forsyth FMN 05  
  A frog he would a-wooing go (A), Lavender's blue (S),
O my little sixpence (A), I will give my love an apple (A),
Haliky, Daliky (Where are you going, my bonnie lass?) (N)
Sleep, baby, sleep! (A) Aiken Drum. (S)
   (Obbligato style parts for recorder.)
Pilling, Dorothy
Dorothy Pilling Collected Songs
   Includes one with descant recorder.
Forsyth FPD 185  
Scarlatti, Alessandro
Allesandro Scarlatti Cantata "Augellin vago e canoro".
   Soprano, AA, cont.
Amadeus BP 1225  
Vivaldi, A.
Antonio Vivaldi Cantata, "All'ombra di sospetto".
   High Voice, Flute, Continuo.
Score and parts for flauto & basso.
Br.& H. DVfM 9504  

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