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List B

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With Piano.

Includes modern works for two recorders and piano, concertos and similar works.
Treble recorder is assumed unless marked otherwise.

(S) indicates descant (soprano) recorder and (A) indicates treble (alto) recorder.

For a complete list of the abbreviations I use please click here.

'Modern Music'
See Albums for mixed content collections.
Extraordinary Encores
   arr. Piers Adams (descant etc.) details
LPM DOL 119        
Modern Music Book
   Luthi, Nobis, Walter, Linde see under Linde
Schott OFB 137 #
Recital Pieces ed. Turner (various)
various Volume 1 Forsyth FZZ 05  
various Volume 2 Forsyth FZZ 16  
various Volume 3 Forsyth FZZ20  
Recorder Jazz, Seven Standards (S) RMM DMP152  

Altmann, Peter
Peter Altmann Sonatine (S) Dob FL 23  
Alwyn, William
William Alwyn Chaconne for Tom Forsyth FZZ 23  
Arnold, Malcolm
Malcolm Arnold Recorder Concerto (S & N) part. (oversize) FMD 05715
Malcolm Arnold Recorder Concerto score. FMD 05715
Malcolm Arnold Sonatina Op.41 (For treble recorder.) M.Sales PAT 60050  
Autenrieth, Ronald Joachim
Ronald Joachim Autenrieth Haiku (Meditations) (T) Moeck Zfs 771/772  
Ball, Christopher
Christopher Ball Concerto for Recorder & Strings,
   'The Piper of Dreams'
   recorder part
RMM PCB 0033P-r  
Christopher Ball    as above, Piano Reduction of Movt.1 (only)
   The other movements are not available.
RMM PCB 0033P-p  
Christopher Ball    as above, Orchestral Score (all movements) RMM PCB 0033  
Christopher Ball    Individual string parts are available to order.    
Christopher Ball From the Hebrides RMM PCB 0034  
Christopher Ball Music for a Festival (S)
   1 - Preamble   2 - Idyll
   3 - Bagatelle   4 - Song Without Words
   5 - Calypso
RMM CB 01  
Christopher Ball A Summer Day RMM PCB 0031  
Ball, Michael
Michael Ball Danserye Op.21 6 pieces (S) Forsyth FBM 01  
Michael Ball Prospero's Music Forsyth FBM 02  
Bate, Stanley
Stanley Bate Sonatina Schott ED 10040  
Bateman, Don
Don Bateman Seven in Swing (A) LPM DOL 406  
Don Bateman Solos in Swing (S) LPM DOL 403  
Bedford, David
David Bedford Recorder Concerto (piano reduction) SR 36528  
David Bedford Recorder Concerto (recorder part) SR 36535  
  The above work is printed to order, on demand.
Bender, Wilhelm
Wilhelm Bender Sonata Schott OFB 2  
Bernard, Anthony
Anthony Bernard Prelude and Scherzo RMM PD 02  
Bentzon, N. V.
Niels Viggo Bentzon Sonatina Op.180 (S) Hansen WH 29164
Bergmann, Walter
Walter Bergmann Sonata (S) (white) Schott ED 10934  
Walter Bergmann Sonata (A) (red) Schott ED 11240  
Berkeley, Lennox
Lennox Berkeley Concertino Op.49 score & parts Chester CH 00279  
Lennox Berkeley Sonatina Schott OFB 1040  
Binnington, S. & Stobbs, K.
  Mega Fun Recorder (S) RMM P 88  
Bonsor, Brian
Brian Bonsor 5 Concert Pieces & 6 Concert Pieces, from Enjoy the Recorder.
   (Follow the link above to recorder methods.)
Brian Bonsor The Really Easy Recorder Book (S) Faber 51037 X  
Brian Bonsor Jazzy Recorder 2 (S)
Brian Bonsor(Includes 'Serenata'.)
Uni. UE 19364  
Bousted, Donald
Donald Bousted Leaves Fall; Winter Comes (5 easy pieces)
Donald Bousted (Includes "Looking at Van Gogh")
Bowen, York
York Bowen Sonatina Op.121 (A & S) Emerson 113  
Bresgen, Cesar
Cesar Bresgen * Sonatine (S) Schott ED 4513  
Brown & Fain.
  That Old Feeling (A) RMM DMP 154  
Bullard, Alan
Alan Bullard Three Diversions (S/T)
   1. by Road, 2. by River, 3. by Rail .
Forsyth FBA 04  
Alan Bullard Galloway Sketches
   (A doubling S or G )
Forsyth FBA 02  
Alan Bullard Hat Box Forsyth FBA 05  
Alan Bullard Recipes (S) (Piano or Guitar optional) Forsyth FBA 01  
Alan Bullard Siciliana Schott ED 11378  
Burgess, Anthony
Anthony Burgess Sonata no.3 (Gb) (one copy only) nla THA 978601  
Burrows, Benjamin
Benjamin Burrows Suite (S) Schott ED 10471  
Bush, Alan
Alan Bush Duo Sonatina (S, A, T, one player) Nova NM 164  
Butterworth, Neil
Neil Butterworth Pastorale (S) Nova NM 299  
Casken, John
Johna Casken Thymehaze Schott TMR 6  
Chagrin, Francis
Francis Chagrin Barcarole and Berceuse (S) Schott ED 10770  
Challinger, Andrew
Andrew Challinger Three Little Pieces (Very easy.) Montem sr 29230  
Andrew Challinger Sonatina (treble & harpsichord) Montem sr 29254  
Champion, Stephanie
  Fantasie see (MeKA) Schott ED 7213 #
Coker, Tim
Tim Coker Sonata (S) (2010) MDS HH 271  
Cooke, Arnold
Arnold Cooke Concerto for Recorder (reduction) Schott ED 10634  
Arnold Cooke Quartet (score & parts.)
   Special order title.
Schott ED 10938  
Coombes, Douglas
Douglas Coombes Cool Aeolian Blue (A) (5 modal pieces) Brass Wind    
Douglas Coombes Music for a Cartoon Brass Wind    
Douglas Coombes Simply a Rag (v. easy/easy descant) Brass Wind    
Douglas Coombes Turtle Tango (v. easy/easy descant) Brass Wind    
Cooper, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Cooper Animal Antics (A)
   See under studies.
Elizabeth Cooper In the Cathedral and other pieces. (S) Kirklees Music    
Elizabeth Cooper The Woodpecker and Friends (S)
   (optional piano)
Kirklees Music    
Cox, David
David Cox Mr. Playford's Musical Banquet
   (with pno. acc.)
Thames (T 002)  
Crosse, Gordon
Gordon Crosse Watermusic (T/A/S/N) O.U.P
Crossley-Holland, Peter
Peter Crossley-Holland Ode to Mananan Forsyth FCH 03  
Dallinger, Gerhard
Gerhard Dallinger Humoreske (S) Doblinger 04 445  
Gerhard Dallinger Rondino (S) Doblinger 04 446  
Davis, Alan
Alan Davis Sonatina (treble & harpsichord) RMM P 05  
Alan Davis Time Out of Mind (Canzona) (T) RMM P 309  
Diethelm, Caspar
Caspar Diethelm Concerto Pastorale Op.155 (1978) Amadeus BP 2473  
Dinn, Freda
Freda Dinn Festival Suite (SS) FMD AL 0379  
Freda Dinn First Study Pieces Lengnick    
Freda Dinn * Second Study Pieces Lengnick    
Freda Dinn Tuneful tunes for my recorder. (S) Schott ED 10468  
Dodgson, Stephen
Stephen Dodgson Shine & Shade Forsyth FDS01  
Dolmetsch, Carl
Carl Dolmetsch Theme and Variations (S) RMM PD 01  
Dring, Madeline
Madeline Dring * Six Pieces Lengnick No.4135  
Duarte, John W.
John Duarte Three Simple Songs Without Words Op.41
   (S) or (A)
Br. & v. P. No.1016  
John Duarte 4 Transatlanlic Dances (S & A) FMD 0571
553 222
Dubery, David
David Dubery Mrs Harris in Paris RMM PJT 013  
David Dubery Sonatina (S) RMM PJT 009  
Edmunds, Christopher
Christopher Edmunds Pastorale and Bouree(S) RMM PD 03  
Christopher Edmunds Sonatina (S) Schott ED 10042  
Elgar, Sir Edward
Sir Edward Elgar Elgar Tunes arr. Ian Parrott RMM PRM 002  
Ellerby, Martin
Martin Ellerby River Dances (N/S/A/T) RMM PJT 059  
Ellis, David
David Ellis Divertimento Elegiaco
   (A/Flt. Cello. Hchd.)
Forsyth FED 01  
David Ellis Fred's Blue Ginger Staircase Music
   (A Guitar/Piano)
RMM PJT 021  
David Ellis Shadows in Blue (N B T) Forsyth FED 02  
Enfield, Patrick
Patrick Enfield Descants' Delight (Special Order) M.Sales NOV 262762  
Forshaw, David
David Forshaw Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird Forsyth FFD 10  
Fortin, Viktor
Viktor Fortin Jolly Joker (A/B) Doblinger 04490  
Viktor Fortin Serenata quasi facile (S) Doblinger 04 444  
Frantz, Michel
Michel Franz Fleurs Animées (14 pieces) S/A/T & piano Billaudot    
Fulton, Norman
Norman Fulton Scottish Suite Schott ED 10466  
Gal, Hans
Hans Gal Three Intermezzi (RMS 2051) Schott OFB 134  
Hans Gal Concertino Uni. UE 12644  
Genzmer, Harald
Harald Genzmer Sonata Schott OFB 32  
Harald Genzmer Second Sonata Schott OFB 128  
Harald Genzmer Sonata (AA) Schott OFB 33  
Gershwin, George
George Gershwin Summertime (S) arr. de Smet de Haske F 681 O/P
Gilbert, Anthony
Anthony Gilbert Farings (N or picc.) Forsyth FGA 01  
Glanville-Hicks, Peggy
Peggy Glanville-Hicks Sonatina Schott ED 10029  
Golland, John
John Golland Divertissement Forsyth FGJ 01  
John Golland New World Dances (S & A)
   (Three movements, the second is for treble.))
Forsyth FGJ O2  
Graves, John
John Graves Divertimento Schott ED 10828  
Grainger, Percy Aldridge
Percy Aldridge Grainger Walking Tune (S/T) MDS BDE 44  
Percy Aldridge Grainger Willow, Willow (S/T) Bardic BD 0909  
Gregson, Edward
Edward Gregson Three Matisse Impressions (1993) info Forsyth FGE 02  
Edward Gregson Aztec Dancess (2010) for treble recorder (A) Novello NOV 121616  
     This printed on demand title, which usually takes weeks to arrive is in stock.
Edward Gregson Aztec Dancess (2010) for flute Novello NOV 121605  
     This printed on demand title, which usually takes weeks to arrive is in stock.
Hand, Colin  Biographical note.
Colin Hand Angelus (T) RMM P 144  
Colin Hand Petite Suite Champetre (S) B. & H. M 060
03171 7
Colin Hand Come and Play Bk.1 (S/T) RMM P 84  
Colin Hand Come and Play Bk.2 (S/T) RMM P 85  
Colin Hand Come and Play Bk.3 (A/B) RMM P 145  
Colin Hand Come and Play Bk.4 (S/T) RMM P 126  
Colin Hand Pandora's Box (various arr. Colin Hand) Peacock P 262 link
Colin Hand Plaint (tenor) misprint info Schott ED 11147  
Colin Hand Recorder Playtime Bk.1 (S) Nova NM 360  
Colin Hand Recorder Playtime Bk.2 (S) Nova NM 359  
Colin Hand Sonata Breve Schott ED 11265  
Colin Hand Sonata Concisa (A or Flt.) K. Mayhew 3611197  
Colin Hand Sonata Piccola Op.63 RMM P 148  
Colin Hand Sonatina No1 Op.41 RMM P 178  
Healey, Derek
Derek Healey Five Cameos B. & H. 3279  
Heberle, Anton (Herberle on some title pages.)
Anton Heberle Concerto in G (S) (piano reduction) M.Sales WH 29869  
Hedges, Anthony
Anthony Hedges Three Concert Miniatures (S-T-N) RMM PJT 054  
Henriques, Fini
Fini Henriques    'Dance of the Mosquitoes' in some lists and Google.
Just playable on descant... top C#'s and D's!
Fini Henriques Dance of the Mosquitos (sopranino) arr. Petri (N) M.Sales WH 29845  
Fini Henriques Mosquito Dance arr. Davey (Sopranino) (N) RMM DMP 112  
Heyl, Manfred
Manfred Heyl Sonatine Op.48 Moeck EM 1510  
Hochmair, Hartwig
Harwig Hochmair Suite Amade (A, S, N.) MDS DE 04 494  
Johnny Hodges Sax Originals (S) LPM DOL 408  
Hold, Trevor
Trevor Hold Gammer Gurton's Garland Forsyth FHT 01  
Holmboe, Vagn
Vagn Holmboe Trio Op.133 (S/A + cello + Hchd) M.Sales WH 29786  
Hope, Peter
Peter Hope Bramall Hall Dances (A Guit./Pno.) Forsyth FHP 01  
Peter Hope Concerto (Birthday Concerto) (piano reduction) RMM PJT 06  
Hopkins, Anthony
Anthony Hopkins Four Dances Schott ED 11719  
     see also (MeKA) Schott ED 7213 #
Anthony Hopkins Suite (S) Schott ED 10339  
Hunt, Edgar
  A Little Prelude see (MeKA) Schott ED 7213 #
Jackson, Francis
Francis Jackson Sonatina Pastorale (S) Forsyth    
Jacob, Gordon
Gordon Jacob Sonata Musica Rara MR 1116  
Gordon Jacob Sonatina Studio Music    
Gordon Jacob Suite (recorder part and reduction) RMM PD 05  
Gordon Jacob Suite (recorder part only) RMM PD 05 part  
Gordon Jacob Variations Br. & H. MR 1110  
Jacques, Michael
Michael Jacques Midsummer Suite (A or Flute) via Goodmusic    
Michael Jacques Sounds Good (S or A or Flute) ABRSM 185472 674 9  
Joplin, Scott
Scott Joplin Rags - Book 1 (9 Rags) (S) arr. A. Robinson
7 Rags (Vol I) (S) arr. A. Robinson info
PAR 131
DOL 402
Scott Joplin Rags - Book 2 (11 Rags) (A) arr. A. Robinson
Rags (Vol II) (A) arr. A. Robinson (2 copies) info
PAR 132
DOL 405
Kneale, Peter
Peter Kneale Sonatina (S) Cadenza 5063  
Krähmer, Ernst
Ernst Krähmer Concert Polonaise Op.5 LPM DOL 204  
Ernst Krähmer Duo concertant Op.16 (A) MDS DM 1380  
Ernst Krähmer Introduction & Variations Brillantes. Op.23 (S) LPM DOL 209  
Ernst Krähmer Introduction & Variations Op.32 (S)
   (piano or guitar accompaniment)
LPM DOL 212  
Ernst Krähmer Rondeau Hongrois Op.28 (S) LPM DOL 211  
Ernst Krähmer Rondo "La Tyrolienne" Op.35 (S) LPM DOL 205  
Ernst Krähmer Variations Brillantes Op.18 (S) LPM DOL 207  
Ernst Krähmer Krähmer Variations Brillantes (S) M.Sales WH 29965  
Lane, Philip
Philip Lane Suite Ancienne (S) Forsyth FLP 01  
Lawson, Peter
Peter Lawson The Song of the Lesser Twayblade Goodmusic GM 025  
Lechner, Konrad
Konrad Lechner Ludus Juvenalis I (S) (2 canzonas) Moeck EM 2506  
Leigh, Walter
Walter Leigh Sonatina Schott OFB 1041
was ED 10030
Linde, Hans-Martin
Hans-Martin Linde 3 Jazzy Tunes Schott OFB 177  
Hans-Martin Linde Five Studies Schott OFB 160  
Hans-Martin Linde Five Studies in "Modern Music Book" (below) Schott OFB 137 #
various Modern Music Book
   Luthi, Nobis, Walter, Linde
Schott OFB 137  
Hans-Martin Linde Concerto (A, N, B) 1991 Schott OFB 174  
Hans-Martin Linde Sonata (with Organ) 1996 Schott ED 8476  
Hans-Martin Linde Sonata in d Schott OFB 47  
Hans-Martin Linde Sonatine Française (S) Hänssler HE 11.1114  
Lloyd Webber, Andrew
Andrew Lloyd webber "Cats" selection (S) Faberprint    
Luthi, Fritz
  Six Rhythmic Pieces
are in "Modern Music Book"
Schott OFB 137 #
Lyon, David
David Lyon Concertino (A) Forsyth FLD 01  
Lyons, Graham
Graham Lyons New Recorder Solos Bk.1 with CD (S) Spartan U 60  
Malone, Kevin
Kevin Malone Saturday Soundtrack (S) (1998)
   Two copies needed, this piece involves more than just musical performance!
Forsyth FMK 01  
Manning, Sasha Johnson
Sasha Johnson Manning A Birthday Garland Forsyth FMS 01  
Marshall, Nicholas
Nicholas Marshall The Garden of Eden (N,S,A) RMM PJT 036  
Nicholas Marshall A Playford Garland (treble and descant) Forsyth FMN 01  
Martin, Désirée
Désirée Martin Two in Harmony Spartan PEM 28  
Massenet, Jules
Jules Massenet Meditation (arr. Andresen) RMM P.Pub 148  
Matz, Arnold.
Arnold Matz Sonata Contrappuntistica Zen-On R-153  
Maute, Matthias
Matthias Maute "Red Gardens' Roses" Mieroprint EM 1046  
McDowell, John
John McDowell Four Irish Folk Melodies Forsyth FJM 01  
Meijering, Chiel
Chuiel Meijering Please Tell Me More (S, A & T, one player)
   (Includes demo CD)
Moeck EM 1613  
Mellers, Wilfrid
Wilfrid Mellors Sonatina Schott ED 10780  
Meyers, A.
A. Meyers Blockflöte Boogie :-
A. Meyers    Bk.1, 8 "Jazzy" Pieces (5 notes)(S) RMM P 21  
A. Meyers    Bk.2, 8 "Jazzy" Pieces (7 notes)(S) RMM P 24  
Michel, Winfried
Winfried Michel Gliss Gliss Miero EM 1050  
Migot, Georges
Geaorges Migot Sonatine No.2 Schott OFB 65  
Milford, Robin
Robin Milford Christmas Pastoral Now out of print.
The piece is included in 'Music Through Time Flute Book 2'. link
O.U.P. N 7805 O/P
Robin Milford Sonatina in F RMM P 117  
Robin Milford Three Airs O.U.P. N 7809  
Milner, Arthur.
Arthur Milner Suite RMM PD 11  
Monti, V.
V.Monti Czardas arr. Davey (S) RMM DMP 109  
Morricone, Ennio
  Gabriel's Oboe (Oboe or any recorder.)
   (No Longer available.)
Faber 0571
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
W. A. Mozart Serenade in Eb arr. Wohlgemuth (A)
   From Divertimento No.3 K.166, not easy!
Schott ED 4142  
Murrill, Herbert
Herbert Murrill Sonata RMM PD 06  
Nobis, Herbert
Herbert Nobis Miniatures is in "Modern Music Book" Schott OFB 137 #
Norton, Christopher
Christopher Norton Microjazz for Recorder (S) B. & H. M 060
07590 4
Nye, Richard
Richard Nye The Madman's Bride (S) Cascade Attic  
Paganini, Niccolo
Niccolo Paganini Moto Perpetuo (S) M.Sales WH 29926  
Parker, Jim
Jim Parker All Jazzed Up (easy descant) Brass Wind sr 35521  
Jim Parker The Music of Jim Parker (easy - medium)
   (Original TV Theme Tunes)
Brass Wind sr 27663  
Parrott, Ian
Ian Parrott Arabesque and Dance Thames WW Lib 20  
Ian Parrott Dialogue and Dance RMM PJT 003  
Pearson, William
  Three Pieces (A) (alt S/T) see (MeKA) Schott ED 7213 #
Pitfield, Thomas
Thomas Pitfield Three Pieces (A) Forsyth FZZ 21  
Poole, Geoffrey
Goeffrey Poole Skally Skarekrow's Night Watch (A, N) Forsyth FPG 11  
Goeffrey Poole Skally Skarekrow's Whistling Book Forsyth    
Poser, H.
H. Poser Seiben Bagatellen
   This is now back in print.
Moeck EM 1509  
Radulescu, Michael
Michael Radulescu Sonate MDS 04 418  
Rawsthorne, Alan
Alan Rawsthorne Suite Forsyth FRA 02  
Read, Ronald
Ronald Read Melody For A Summer Afternoon B. & D. 11502 O/P
Reid, Duncan 
Duncan Reid Let's make the Grade Bk 1 Spartan SUN 177  
Duncan Reid Let's make the Grade Bk 2 Spartan SUN 178  
Duncan Reid Let's make the Grade Bk 3 Spartan SUN 179  
Duncan Reid Suite Jazz (SA) Nova NM 262  
Reid / Carr
  Duncan & Pauls's Shopping List Spartan SUN 306  
Reizenstein, Franz
Franz Reizenstein Partita Schott OFB 1014  
Ridout, Alan
Alan Ridout A Day in the Country (S) ABRSM 185472 541 6  
Alan Ridout A Day in the Country (A) ABRSM 185472 546 7  
Alan Ridout Chamber Concerto RMM PD 12  
Alan Ridout Concerto Emerson 223  
Alan Ridout Pastorale Forsyth FZZ 22  
Alan Ridout Sequence RMM PD 07  
Alan Ridout Variants on a Tune of "H. H." (S) RMM PD 08  
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolai
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov The Flight of the Bumble Bee arr. Davey (S) RMM DMP 110  
Roehr, Walter
Walter Roehr * Sonatine No.1 (S) Schott ED 3919  
Walter Roehr * Sonatine No.2 (S) Schott ED 3891  
Walter Roehr * Sonatine No.3 (S) Schott ED 4368  
Walter Roehr * Sonatine No.4 (S) Schott ED 4889  
Rogers, Shorty.
Shorty Rodgers Just a Few (A) RMM DMP 151  
Rose, Pete.
Pete Rose The Kid from Venezuela (S) Universal UE 19930  
Rossé, François
François Rossé Renrew U.M.P.
G 6654 B  
Rubbra, Edmund
Edmund Rubbra * First Study Pieces HLMGB Lengnick  
Edmund Rubbra Meditazioni Sopra "Coeurs Desoles" Op.67    (Notes) HLMGB AL 0869  
Edmund Rubbra Passacaglia Sopra "Plusieurs Regrets" Op.113 HLMGB AL 0851  
Edmund Rubbra Sonatina Op.128 HLMGB AL 1090  
Russell-Smith, Geoffrey
Geoffrey Russell-Smith Easy Blue Recorder (S) Uni. UE 21354  
Geoffrey Russell-Smith Jazzy Recorder 1 (S)
   (Includes 'A Little Latin'.)
Uni. UE 18828  
Satie, Erik
Erik Satie 3 Gymnopedies (S/A/T) MDS UE 32922  
Erik Satie 3 Gymnopedies (A) LPM DOL 224  
Schneider, Otto
Otto Schneider Theme and Variations Schott OFB 171  
Schollum, Robert
Robert Schollum Sonata Op.76 MDS FL 25  
Schubert, François
Franç:ois Schubert The Bee (S) M.Sales WH 29917  
Schilling, Hans Ludwig
Hans Ludwig Schilling Suite (S or Oboe) Moeck EM 1502  
Scott, Cyril
Cyril Scott Aubade Schott ED 10330  
Shanks, Bud
Bud Shanks Valve-in-Head (A) RMM DMP 155  
Short, Michael
Michael Short Sonatina No.1 Studio Music    
Snell, Elsa
Elsa Snell Four Concert Pieces FMD AL 1050  
Elsa Snell Strawberry Hill Pieces (S) FMD AL 1023  
Sollima, Elidoro
Elidor Sollima Sonata Schott OFB 127  
Spittler, Helmut
Helmut Spittler Eight Small Pieces Schott ED 3660  
Staeps, Hans Ulrich
Hans Ulrich Staeps Dialoge U.M.P./Carus HE 11.111  
Hans Ulrich Staeps Fantasia con Echo (S or T) Doblinger FL 29  
Hans Ulrich Staeps Furioso, Gigue, & Aria. (A & S) Doblinger FL 37  
Hans Ulrich Staeps Immortelle Doblinger FL 38  
Hans Ulrich Staeps Intermezzo Doblinger FL 39  
Hans Ulrich Staeps Mobile (S) Uni. UE 18742  
Hans Ulrich Staeps Sonate im alten Stil (S or A at 8ve) MDS HBR 16  
Hans Ulrich Staeps Sonata in c. "In modo preclassico." RMM/Galaxy No. 62  
Hans Ulrich Staeps Sonata in Eb Uni. UE 12603  
Standford, Patric
Patric Standford Sonatine S & B H 157  
Steel, Christopher
Christopher Steel Suite (S) Novello 13001  
Swann, Donald
Donald Swann Rhapsody from Within RMM PD 04  
Swift, Jean & Small, Marjory
  Here Be Dragons (S) Spartan SP 212  
Taylor, Ruth
Ruth Taylor Sonata in a. (C18 pastiche) via SMD GEN2884  
Thate, A.
  Sonata in G Bär. BA 2100 O/P
Turner, John
John Turner Three Salutes and A Whirl (S) Forsyth FTJ 04  
John Turner Four Diversions (S) Forsyth FTJ 01  
John Turner Six Bagatelles (S) Forsyth FTJ 02  
John Turner Serenade (S) Moeck 723/724  
John Turner A Short Sprint (S) Forsyth FTJ 05  
Vaughan Williams, R.
R. Vaughan Williams Fantasia on Greensleeves RMM P 127  
Walker, Robin
Robin Walker A Book of Song and Dance
   (S,A,T, alternately)
Forsyth FWR 01  
Walter, Heinz
Heinz Walter Sonatine is in "Modern Music Book" Schott OFB 137 #
Heinz Walter Variations on a theme by Handel. (S)
Heinz Walter'The Harmonious Blacksmith.'
Schott OFB 131  
Watts, Sarah
Sarah Watts Fresh Air. Pieces & Studies Grades 1 - 3. K.Mayhew 3611884  
Sarah Watts Razzamajazz Recorder, with CD
Sarah Watts See Recorder & CD list for prices.
Sarah Watts Book 1 (Five Note Fiesta) K.Mayhew 3611559  
Sarah Watts Book 2 (Ten Note Tango) K.Mayhew 3611560  
Sarah Watts Book 3 K.Mayhew 3612192  
Sarah Watts Student's Copy Books 1, 2 & 3 combined.
   No CD
K.Mayhew 3611624  
Sarah Watts Razzamajazz Repertoire (S) K.Mayhew 3611813  
Sarah Watts See also Razzamajazz Duets & Trios. K.Mayhew 3611700  
Wedgwood, Pam
Pam Wedgewood Easy Jazzin' About for Recorder. (S) Faber 523293  
Pam Wedgewood Really Easy Jazzin' for Recorder Faber 524087  
Pam Wedgewood Really Easy Jazzin' About for Oboe
    (Suitable for descant, tunes as above, some in different keys.)
Faber 510337  
Werdin, Eberhard
Eberhard Werdin Five Dance Fantasies Pan 310  
Eberhard Werdin Divertimento (S) Doblinger FL 20  
Wetherell, Eric
Eric Wetherell Sonatina Forsyth FWE 01  
Widger, John
John Widger The Completely Different Recorder Duets Book
   12 Pieces, easy descants and easy piano
Spartan SP 250  
Wilson/Miles Creative Variations for Recorder Vol.1
   Includes play along CD
Spartan CM 233  
Wilson/Miles Creative Variations for Recorder Vol.2
   Includes play along CD
Spartan CM 234  
Winters, Geoffrey
Geoffrey Winters Landscapes Nova NM 352  
Geoffrey Winters Some Pairs (S) Nova NM 351  
Wood, Christopher N.
Christopher Wood Sonata di Camera RMM PD 10  
Youmans, Vincent.
Vincent Youmans Tea for Two (A) RMM DMP 153  
Young, Douglas
Douglas Young Reflections RMM PJT 079  
Zipp, Friedrich
Friedrich Zipp Sonatine Schott OFB 118  

(with piano except where marked)

These books are collections of pieces that are difficult to classify.
There are links to my main entries for books that have been moved,
or where the title is not sufficiently descriptive.

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ABRSM, Trinity Guildhall etc.

Associated Board   Time Pieces, Music Medals and Grade books along with Scales & Arpeggios and Sight Reading etc are listed separately. Please click here.

Trinity Guildhall   Descant Recorder Anthologies are listed here.
Kevin Mayhew publications

The Recorder Player's Collection arr. Colin Hand
  The book numbers refer to the series, not to the instrument.
There are now some new volumes replacing out of print originals.
The contents of the original treble books have been divided (randomly) between the new books.
  Descant Bk.3 (one)  
  Descant Bk.5 (reprinted)  
  Treble (Bk.1 O/P, Bk.2 O/P, no stock) Bk.8 (one)  
  Tenor (Bk.4 O/P, Bk.7 O/P, no stock)
  Bass (Bk.6 O/P, no stock)
  Music for Treble Recorder Book 1  
  Music for Treble Recorder Book 2  
The Genius of Mozart - descant solos, with piano. 3612029  
Just Beautiful - 25 slow descant solos, with piano.
4 Favourites, Descant & piano 3611431  
     Pachelbel - Canon
   Bach/Gounod - Ave Maria
Beethoven - fur Elise
Vivaldi - Autumn
Mel Bay
Collections of popular classical melodies, with piano.
Solo pieces for the Beginning Descant 98171  
Solo pieces for the Beginning Treble 98172  
Solo pieces for the Intermediate Descant 98173  
Solo pieces for the Intermediate Treble 98174  
Solo pieces for the Advanced Descant 98175  
Faber publications
with piano.
First Repertoire for Descant Recorder, arr. Adams (burnt orange) 52328 5  
The book above replaces the two out of print descant books arranged by Bergmann, below. It includes the pieces listed in exam syllabuses. Do not confuse it with the B. & H. First Repertoire 'Pieces' titles further down this list.  
Concert Repertoire for Recorder, arr. Adams (dark green)
   Mostly treble pieces.
52386 2  

The titles below are now out of print. I still have a few. When they are gone they will continue to be available as Faberprint editions. These have plain covers and are produced on demand. They will not be part of my regular stock.  
First Book of Descant Solos, arr. Bergmann 50587 2  
Second Book of Descant Solos, arr. Bergmann 50676 3  
  part (one only)   50454 X  
First Book of Treble / Alto Solos, arr. Bergmann (To order.) 50546 5  
  part (To order.)   50446 9  
Second Book of Treble / Alto Solos, arr. Bergmann 50662 3  
  part (To order.)   50433 1  
Tenor Solos (To order.), arr. Bonsor (Faberprint) 50840 5  

Other Albums with piano

Amazing Solos, Descant / Soprano B. & H. M 060
10356 8
Amazing Solos, Treble / Alto B. & H. M 060
10357 5
Celebrated Classics (S) Schott ED 10350  
     Bach - Air (Suite in D)
   Bach - Jesu Joy
       (Chorale from Cantata 147)
   Bach - Mary's Cradle Song
       (Christmas Oratorio)
   Beethoven - Minuet in G
   Boccherini - Famous Minuet
   Handel - Alla Hornpipe

Handel - Largo
Haydn - Serenade
Mendelssohn - Spring Song
Mozart - Romance
   (Eine kleine...)
Mozart - Menuet
   (Eine kleine...)
Purcell - Trumpet Tune

Baroque Recorder Anthology with CD Vol.1 (S) Schott ED 13134 link
  Baroque Recorder Anthology with CD Vol.2 (S) Schott ED 13135 link
  Baroque Recorder Anthology with CD Vol.3 (A) Schott ED 13324 link
  Baroque Recorder Anthology with CD Vol.4 (A) Schott ED 13325 link
Fanfare - 20 Easy Arrangements by Walter Bergmann (S) Faberprint    

Do not confuse these books with the Faber edition above.
First Repertoire Pieces, Descant / Soprano B.& H. M 060
07108 9
First Repertoire Pieces, Treble / Alto B.& H. M 060
07109 6

Let's make the Grade Books
    see under Reid, Duncan.
Spartan SUN xxx  
Music Through Time (Flute) Book 2
   Includes the Milford 'Christmas Pastoral'
OUP 01935 7182x  
Pandora's Box arr. Colin Hand (A) Peacock P 262  
     Minuet - Haydn
   Panis Angelicus - Frank
   Tambourin - Gossec
   Song without Words - Mendelssohn
   Gavotte - Bach
   Sonatina - Atwood
   Pied-en-l'Air - Warlock
Rondeau - Marais
Into. and Allegro - Bononcini
Minuet - Mozart
Prelude (Cantata 106) - Bach
Meditation - Mendelssohn
Dreaming - Schumann
Play Spirituals Faber    
Recorder Medley + CD Cramer   link
   Several books, S & A, arr. da Costa & Adams. Includes piano part
The Renaissance Recorder, descant (S) (blue) B.& H. M 060
10524 1
The Renaissance Recorder, treble (A) (plum) B.& H. M 060
10525 8
Playing Favourites arr P.Clark (SA) RMM SP 2363  
Recorder Music for Beginners Vol 1 (S) EMB Z 07888  
Recorder Music for Beginners Vol 2 (A) EMB Z 14095  
Duets for Descant Recorders for Beginners EMB Z 14063  
Recorder Duets (SA Pno.)
   (Baroque repertoire.)
EMB Z 14189  
Recorder Practice Pieces (Trinity) FMD    
Spielbuch (S) arr. Hechler Moeck EM 2076 link
Time Pieces for Recorder ABRSM   link
Up Front (S) (easy, modern style) Brass Wind    
Winners Galore for Descant Recorder (S) Brass Wind   link
Winner Scores All for Descant Recorder (S) Brass Wind   link
Winners Galore for Treble Recorder (A) Brass Wind   link
Winner Scores All for Treble Recorder (A) Brass Wind   link
Concert Collection
17 Pieces for Descant Recorder & Piano
Formerly Mein erstes Koncert, Sopran (MeKS) (S)
    La Musette & La Bergere
    Two Minuets
    Concerto No. 2,
    Concertino in D (Concerto No. 6)
la Barre
    Le Landais
    The Harmonious Blacksmith Variations
    Sonata in Bb
    Sonata in G
    Four Dances
    Sonata No.1 in F,
    Sonata no. 8 in G
    Variations on "Lulle me Beyond Thee".
    Sonata in G
Schott ED 7212  
Concert Collection
27 Pieces for Treble Recorder & Piano
Formerly 'Mein erstes Koncert, Alt' (MeKA) (A)
    Fuga canonica from Musical Offering
    Pastorale from Sonata in g
    Suite in e
    Le Rossignol en Amour
    The Dance of the Blessed Spirits
    Four Dances
    Little Prelude
Loeillet de Gant
    Poco Allegro from Sonata in c
Loeillet (John)
    Largo in c
    Aria con Divisioni
    Two Saltarelli
    Andante (KV 315) orig. for flute
    Three Pieces
    Adagio and Presto
    Adagio & Vivace
Schott ED 7213  
A Birthday Album For Thomas Pitfield
Forsyth FZZ 02     
Alan Bush A Song from the North, Op. 97. Piano
William Alwyn Chaconne for Tom Recorder & Piano
Edward Cowie A Charm for You Soprano & Harp
John Golland To Music Soprano & Piano
Michael Hall To Musick Soprano, Countertenor & Piano
Nicholas Marshall Prestbury Soprano & Piano
Colin Touchin Evening Gold Countertenor, Recorder & Piano
Margaret Lucy  Wilkins 8 Variations on -
"Happy Birthday to You"
Stephen Wilkinson Sunrise Voice & Piano (or four-part round)
John LeGrove The Fly Countertenor, Recorder & Piano
David Ellis Moto Non Perpetuo Piano
Anthony Gilbert Mr. Pitfield's Pibroch Recorder & Piano
Stephen Reynolds Seascape Piano
Gordon Crosse Lullaby Voices and/or Recorders
John McCabe Desert IV : Vista Recorder
Douglas Steele The Faery Beam upon You Countertenor, Recorder & Piano
Thomas Pitfield The Short-Tempered Singer Soprano & Recorder
Robert Elliot Lingering Music Soprano & Recorder
A Birthday Album For The Society Of Recorder Players
Anonymous & Various
  Guitar & Flute Duets
   (A/T mostly OK for recorder)
Music Sales AM 41773  
  Six Dances of Bygone Times (A + Guitar) B. & van P. BRP 945  
  Six Early Renaissance Dances (S + Guitar) B. & van P. BRP 946  
  European Folk Dances (S + Guitar) (used copy) Schott ED 4504  
  Greensleeves to a Ground (S + Guitar) Dob. GKM 81  
Trio Sonatas by G. F. Handel & W. Williams
  A Handel Sonata in F and the
   "Sonata in Imitation of Birds". (AA + Guitar)
Uni UE 30436  
Abaco, Felice dall'
Felice dall'Abaco Sonata in d Op4/11 arr. Schaller (A + Guitar) Dob. GKM 170  
Challinger, Andrew
Andrew Challinger Round Dance (A + Guitar) Montem SR 29278  
Dowland, John
John Dowland Three Dances arr. Ragossnig (A + Guitar) Schott GA 444  
Françaix, Jean
Jean Françaix Sonata, Recorder/Flute + Guitar Schott OFB 164  
Linde, Hans-Martin
Hans-Martin Linde Music for Two (A + Guitar) Schott OFB 157  
Loeillet, J. B. de Gant
J. B. Loeillet de Gant Sonata Op.1 No.1 arr. Brojer (A + Guitar) Doblinger GKM 13  
Matiegka, Wenzeslaus Thomas
Wenzeslaus Thomas Matiegka Notturno Op.25 (C Rec Vla Guitar) Doblinger GKM 226  
Sammartini, Giuseppe
Giuseppe Sammartini Sonata in G (Melody Inst... C recorder + Guitar) Zimmermann ZM 2169  
Giuseppe Sammartini Sonata in G (AA + Guitar) Br.& H. KM 2254  
Satie, Erik
Erik Satie Three Gymnopédies arr. Mary Criswick
   (Flt + Guitar)
de Haske F 150  
Schwertberger, G. arr.
G. Schwertberger Flautas de los Andes (S/SS + Guitar) Doblinger 04 450  

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