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The information on this page has not been updated since January 2015.

Unlike most music, the titles on this page have the same characteristics as super market food. They have 'use by' and 'expiry' dates! I have left the page frozen in time as a source of historical information. If you are going to take an exam be sure to check that you are within the date regulations when it comes to choosing your pieces.

The stock titles listed on this page have now been moved.
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Recorder Examination Publications

(S) indicates descant (soprano) recorder and (A) indicates treble (alto) recorder.

For a complete list of the abbreviations I use please click here.

This is a link to the Associated Board website.

ABRSM Home Page

If you want to check the recorder syllabus please follow one of these direct links to pdf files suitable for searching or downloading on the ABRSM web site.

All the ABRSM Descant Recorder Grades from 2014

All the ABRSM Descant Recorder Grades 2008 - 2013

All the ABRSM Treble Recorder Grades from 2014

All the ABRSM Treble Recorder Grades 2008 - 2013

For the diploma list you can click the link below.
It takes you directly to the relevant pages and saves a lot of clicking around.
The ABRSM Treble Recorder Diploma lists.
(Two pages from the complete list for all instruments,
copied to my site in June 2010.)

The A.B. Guide to Music Theory Part 1 ABRSM 185472 446 0  
The A.B. Guide to Music Theory Part II ABRSM 185472 447 9  
First Steps in Music Theory Grades 1-5 ABRSM D 090 1  
Scales & Arpeggios for Recorder
   (S & A) Gds. 1-8
ABRSM 185472 815 6  
Recorder Prep Test (S) ABRSM 186096 237 8  
Specimen Sight-Reading Tests for Recorder
   Gds. 1-5 (S & A) ABRSM 185472 836 9  
   Gds. 6-8 (A only) ABRSM 185472 888 1  
Aural Training in Practice Bk.I Gds.1-3 ABRSM 185472 752 4  
Aural Training in Practice Bk.I Gds.1-3
    double CD
ABRSM 186096 000 6  
Aural Training in Practice Bk.II Gds.4-5 ABRSM D 753 2  
Aural Training in Practice Bk.II Gds.4-5
    double CD
ABRSM 186096 001 4  
Aural Training in Practice Bk.III Gds.6-8 ABRSM 185472 823 7  
Aural Training in Practice Bk.III Gds.6-8
    double CD
ABRSM 186096 002 2  
2011 New Edition Specimen Aural Tests
Specimen Aural Tests Gds. 1-3 ABRSM 9781848492516  
Specimen Aural Tests Gds. 1-3 with 2 CDs ABRSM 9781848492561  
Specimen Aural Tests Gds. 4 & 5 ABRSM 9781848492523  
Specimen Aural Tests Gds. 4 & 5 with 2 CDs ABRSM 9781848492578  
Specimen Aural Tests Grade 6 ABRSM 9781848492530  
Specimen Aural Tests Grade 6 with 2 CDs ABRSM 9781848492585  
Specimen Aural Tests Grade 7 ABRSM 9781848492547  
Specimen Aural Tests Grade 7 with 2 CDs ABRSM 9781848492592  
Specimen Aural Tests Grade 8 ABRSM 9781848492554  
Specimen Aural Tests Grade 8 with 2 CDs ABRSM 9781848492608  

Specimen Aural Tests Gds. 1-5 (old) A. B. D 788 5  
Specimen Aural Tests Gds. 6-8 (old) A. B. D 827 X  

Music Theory in Practice Grade 1 ABRSM 186096 942 9  
Music Theory in Practice Grade 2 ABRSM 186096 943 7  
Music Theory in Practice Grade 3 ABRSM 185472 492 4  
Music Theory in Practice Grade 4 ABRSM D 493 2  
Music Theory in Practice Grade 5 Rev. Ed. ABRSM 186096 946 1  
Music Theory in Practice Grade 6 ABRSM D 591 2  
Music Theory in Practice Grade 7 ABRSM 185472 592 0  
These are collections of pieces for descant and treble recorder. Each volume includes pieces for list A, B and C and each Grade syllabus list from 2008 will include one of these pieces.

This is an economic, though limited, way to purchase exam music. Adults who are tackling the recorder alone will find in these books a useful collection of graded pieces though you will need the syllabus discover the grades.

Time Pieces for Descant Recorder Vol.1 ABRSM 186096 292 0  
Time Pieces for Descant Recorder Vol.2 ABRSM 186096 293 6  
Time Pieces for Treble Recorder Vol.1 ABRSM 186096 294 7  
Time Pieces for Treble Recorder Vol.2 ABRSM 186096 295 0  
Option Practice Book ABRSM 186096 517  
Music Medals Recorder Ensemble
Only for groups of descant and treble recorders in up to four parts.
Copper Recorder
   (descant only, no quartets)
ABRSM 186096 602  
Bronze Recorder
   (some treble, no quartets)
ABRSM 186096 603  
Silver Recorder ABRSM 186096 604  
Gold Recorder ABRSM 186096 605  
Platinum Recorder ABRSM 186096 606  


Trinity Guildhall and Trinity College of Music

Here is a link to the college web-site:- www.trinitycollege.co.uk.

These notes were revised on 23rd. October 2012.

The recorder (and other woodwind instruments) examination syllabus has been revised. The new syllabus is dated 2013 - 2014 and comes into force in 2013. However, the present pieces only remain valid until the end of 2013.

The notes below were revised in October 2012. I am not able to answer any queries that are not already answered on this page and its linked pages. Go to the Trinity College site.

Here is a link to folder of information (including the recorder syllabus pieces) in pdf format, on my site. This is a feature provided mainly for the clients to whom I supply my site files on disc. Remember that you can search these files from your pdf reader. For the very best info you should follow the link above, but you may find this quick and convenient. (The file names are descriptive and may not be the same as those from Trinity Guildhall. Please check below for corrections. It is much quicker and easier for me to change this page than my pdf list. The new Diploma Syllabus file contains only three recorder pages.)

I have not been through the latest syllabus with a fine toothed comb yet. In the previous syllabus I found these errors, omissions, and sources of confusion:-

The Marshall, Eve (from The Garden of Eden) is Peacock PJT 036.
The Dubery 'Sonatina' is a Peacock publication, PJT 009
The Ball '12 Studies for Treble Recorder' Peacock 12ST
Berandol publications have proved impossible to obtain for a long time.
'Creative Variations for Recorder Vol.1', is CM 233
'Creative Variations for Recorder Vol.2', is CM 234
Ignazio Sieber 'Six Sonatas' is Amadeus BP 935
Finger 'A Division on Ground by Mr Finger' is in Moeck EM 2552
Handel Sonata in G Op.1/5, HWV 363b is Peacock PAR 201
Vivaldi Concerto in A minor, RV 108 is Peacock PAR 016
The Jacob Suite (formerly OUP) is Peacock PD 05
'Traditional Irish Music for Treble Recorder' is Peacock PAR 101
J. S. Bach 'Pieces from the B minor Suite BWV 1067' is Moeck Zfs 738/739
Nykl 'Study no. 20, Andante (from 35 Studies for Soprano Recorder)'
    Barenreiter H 7132 IS playable on the treble recorder.

I have copied these corrections from the Trinity College London web site.


Grade 2
Nykl Study no.4; should be 'Comodo' not 'Allegro'

Grade 3
Nykl Study; should be 'No 6', not No.10.

Grade 6
De Fesch Sonata in G; 1st mvt should be 'Largo' and 2nd mvt 'Allemande'

Finger Sonata Op.3 No.4 is in G minor, Breitkopf EB 8388 (not Doblinger) and I believe that this is the work intended.
In the earlier syllabus the equivalent entry had this sonata is being in D minor. The D minor sonata is actually Op.3 No.9, Doblinger DM 1128.
Your guess may be as good as mine!

The new syllabus titles, including the new books of pieces for descant recorder, are now in stock. As before, there are no books of treble pieces. I have taken issue with the College over the scarcity of edition numbers. Hopefully the next edition of the syllabus will be better. (Its not! No change there then. I've been hammering away at this for 30 years!) When new annual regulations are published you will need to get one as there may well be significant changes. You have to be 'up to speed' on any corrections.

In addition to the treble, performance on the descant is now required for Grades 6 - 8.

Recorder from 2007
The format of Recorder exams remains largely the same ...

Initial is for descant only, from Grades 1 to 5 candidates can perform on descant or treble, or can combine the two. From Grade 6 to 8 they must demonstrate competency on F and C instruments; if they play all their pieces on the treble, they will have to sight read on descant and vice versa.
There are no descant examples in the treble sight reading book. You can now download some from the Trinity College London site. They are not very easy to find. I have, however, copied them to my site so that you are only one click away.
Technical work and study alternatives have also been revised and no longer use the book Cantus Avium et Volatus.
This book is now published by Recorder Music Mail.

Descant Recorder Anthologies

These titles are score and part. (Separate recorder parts are not available at the moment.)

The pieces in these books have been chosen from past syllabuses and feature in the 2013 - 2014 woodwind syllabus. They are valuable source of repertoire and should not be considered purely in the context of exams.

I have been asked if pieces from the old syllabus can be mixed with those in the new syllabus. I do not know. However, my guess is that they can, effectively, as the new syllabus embodies pieces from the old. You need to check the new syllabus yourself to find out whether your chosen pieces are valid.

Book 1 Initial-Grade 1 TG 009234  
Book 2 Grades 2-3 TG 009241  
Book 3 Grades 4-5 TG 009258  

Woodwind Syllabus 2012/14 (now available)
(Flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon & recorder.)
TG 009838 foc
Jazz Woodwind (Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone) will be the subject of a separate syllabus to be available in the summer of 2012. The current 2007-2011 Jazz Syllabus remains valid for 2012 only.

Syllabus Books of Pieces
2007-2011. (Extended to end of 2013.)
Woodwind Syllabus 2007/11
(recorder, oboe & bassoon)

TG 006233 foc
The current syllabus will be valid for 2012. Revisions and repertoire suplements will be published, on the web, in October 2012.

The new printed syllabus is now available. 'It is an amalgamation of the previous Woodind syllabuses for 2007-2011, extended for the duration of 2012. additional repertoire is now available as indicated (inside) with further details listed on the website.'

Please click here to see an official communication, addressed to local secretaries, from the chief examiner.

For a pdf page of all the available recorder publications, with contents, copied from the TG catalogue, please click here. (Note - Oct 2012... This is now out of date, but still useful.) Here is a page from the latest TCL catalogue. The books of exam pieces may still be used until the end of 2013. 'Sound at Sight' is still available as are descant sight reading examples for grades 6 - 8. (See above.)
  Initial complete TG 005489  
    part only TG 005540  
  Grade 1 complete TG 005496  
    part only TG 005557  
  Grade 2 complete TG 005502  
    part only TG 005564  
  Grade 3 complete TG 005519  
    part only TG 005571  
  Grade 4 complete TG 005526  
    part only TG 005588  
  Grade 5 complete TG 005533  
    part only TG 005595  
Scales & Arpeggios
  Recorder Initial - Grade 8 TG 005700  
Aural Tests
  Initial - Grade 5 TG 005939  
  Grade 6 - Grade 8 TG 005946  
Improvisation in Context

TCL 615008  
  Cantus Avium et Volatus (S/A) by Alan Davis  
Sound at Sight. Sight reading books by Christopher Ball.
  Descant Grades 1 - 5 0571522335  
  Treble Grades 1 - 8 0571522343  
"The Music Teacher's Handbook" 0571523307  

Turnbull, David
  Aural Time!
     Grade 2 Bosworth    
     Grade 3 Bosworth    
     Grade 4 Bosworth    
Kember, John & Bowman, Peter
  Recorder Sight-Reading 1 Schott ED 12957  
  A new resource book of 200 original examples in various styles, graded and with comments, leading to Grade 5. Mainly descant, the treble is introduced towards the end of the book. Some pieces are duets and others have piano accompaniment.
Harris, Paul
  Improve Your Sight-Reading
   Descant Gds.1-3
Faber 51373 5  

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