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Privacy Policy Statement

' does not employ any software cookie or script that identifies its viewers or records any of their actions.'

'The only page that requests viewer entries is the one where orders may be placed. Financial information is not requested.'

'Customer information necessary for the fulfilment of orders is stored digitally, locally. The data file is not accessible remotely. Stored information will not be passed on to any other party.'

'No financial data other than that relating to the state of customer accounts with Saunders Recorders is stored.'

'E-mail communication is stored.'

'E-mail contacts will not receive unsolicited bulk mail.'

'Saunders Recorders is not linked in any way to any social media or messaging service.'

'The site is written in html and carries text, audio and image files.'

'The only scripts are for navigation, windows and buttons, and the dating of some pages.'

John N Everingham. Proprietor and Webmaster, Saunders Recorders.


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