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Used Music

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Very good condition copies are marked with a *. Some of these are tidily marked up.



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'Pleasure and Practice with the Recorder' arr. Leslie Winters (E J Arnold)

This series is aimed at classroom use. Very easy up, to say Grade 2, graded unison and ensemble pieces for descants and tenors with (duplicated) lines for trebles in books 5 and 6. Good, solid, musical material, if just a little 'dated'. The first edition was published in 1962. There are quavers on the first page. (That was progressive!) It would be a breath of fresh air to those working with modern jingles and the like. Older players would enjoy the choice of folk and classical tunes.

Book 1,   6 copies.
Book 2, 13 copies. (Some unused.)
Book 3,   6 copies.
Book 4,   4 copies. (Very well used!)
Book 5,   1 copies.
Book 6,   0 copies. All gone!


Abracadabra Bk.4 A & C Black   £0.50


  Aural Time Grade 1 Bosworth BOE 00476 £1.00
  Recorder Magic (1979) (S)
   ('pops'... recorder, words, guitar chords)
Chappell 4754 £1.00
* The Trio & Piano Collection Vol.1 (SAT pno) de Haske F 839 £2.50
    (Score & 3 parts)   (CD Missing)
  Beethoven Ode to Joy    Handel Minuets
  Trad. Santa Lucia    Trad. Morning Has Broken


* 34 Sight Reading Exercises P. Clark (A) Clark
1b £1.00
* Erstes Spiel 'First Play'
(SSS) (Perf. Score)
Doblinger 04 327 £2.00
* Fanfare (S piano) ed. Bergmann
  12 Easy arrangements for recorder and piano.
  (2 copies available)
Faberprint   £2.00
* French Baroque Music
    Duets for Treble Recorders
Uni UE 17115 £5.00
* Orchestral Studies arr. Hunt Schott ED 11549 £3.00
* Specimen Sight Reading (A) Gds. 6 - 8
ABRSM AB 2517 £1.00


* Greensleeves to a Ground (S & Kbd) Schott ED 10366 £1.50
Amos, Keith
* 'The Cheeky Larp' - 10 Easy Duets (SS)
   ('Key Stage 2'.)
CMA each £0.50
* 'Larp's Four Seasons' - 10 Easy Duets (SS)
   ('Key Stage 2'.) (2 copies available)
CMA each £0.50
* Ground (T Hpsd. or pno. or harp) Peacock P 92 £2.00
Bergmann, Walter
* Sonata (S + piano) Schott ED 10934 £3.00
Davis, Alan
* Sonata (A) Heinrichshofen N 2291 £2.50
Dorwarth, Agnes
* Vogelbuch - 4 Pieces
(N/S/A/B one player)
Moeck EM 752 £2.00
Genzmer, Harald
* Klange der Nacht (A or T) Schott OFB 193 £2.00
Goehr, Alexander
* Virtutes 8a; Little March (Score)
   (perc. pno. duet, 2 Clt. & cello ad lib)
Schott ED 10866 £1.00
Hand, Colin
* Five Caprices (NSATB solo) Forsyth   £2.00
Handel, G. F.
* Handel Album (Piano part only) Schott RMS 94
(ED 10111)
Heberle, Anton
* Sonate Brillante (S solo) Hansen WH 29812 £2.50
Leigh Harris, Richard
* Two Short Recorder Pieces
   Encore V (Hexadvention)
(A + opt. piano)
   Karumi (N solo)
Peacock PJT 033 £2.00
Linde, Hans - Martin
* Amarilli mia bella... (A) Schott OFB 133 £3.00
* Fantasien und Scherzi (A) Schott OFB 46 £3.00
Maute, Mattias
* How I love You, Sweet Follia! (T) Ascolta AMP 344 £1.00
Meyers, Andy
* Reflections (B piano) Peacock P 36 £1.50
Naudot, Jacques-Christophe
* Six Sonatas Opus 5 Nova NM 175 £3.00
Scarlatti, Domenico
Shinohara, Makoto
* Fragmente (T solo) Schott TMR 3 £1.50
Stanley, John
* Suite (A Pno) movements
arr. Phyllis Tate
OUP   £2.00
Telemann, Georg Phillipp
* Trietti metodichi e Scherzi Vol.3 Br. & H. KM 1976 £3.00
Thorn Benjamin
* The Voice of the Crocodile (B solo) Moeck EM 2561 £2.00
Veracini, Francesco Maria
* 12 Sonatas Vol.1 (F G d) Peters P 4965a £5.00
Wander van Nieuwkerk, Willem
* Voci, voci (S or T solo) Ascolta 124 £2.00
Woodcock, Clement
* Browning Fantasy (A) LPM EM 1 £1.00

New Copies

  Ocarina Choo-Choo 1 (Hedger) With CD
Without CD
For age 5 and up, 4 hole ocarina.
2, each
9, each
  Easy Recorder Ensembles Set 3 (Honeyman)
   (Folk Tunes)
Nymet   £2.95
  Musicland Recorder Book 2     £1.50
  Specimen Sight-Reading Tests
   Flute Grades 6 - 8
ABRSM each
(2 copies)
  Music Through Time Clarinet Grades 1 - 5 OUP   £2.50
  Abracadabra Clarinet Repertoire Grades 1 - 5 A & C Black   £2.50
Old XYZ editions, strangely notated with the treble part an octave lower than usual.
(Only one copy of each.)

  Speelmaterial Vol.1
   Trios SSA
sr35415 XYZ £1.25
  Speelmaterial Vol.2
   Trios SSA
sr35422 XYZ £1.25
  Speelmaterial Vol.4
   Demantius 17 Canons SS
sr35439 XYZ £1.25
  Speelmaterial Vol.5
   Demantius 11 Canons SA
sr35446 XYZ £1.25
  Tinwhistle for Beginners Mel Bay MB 93821 £2.50

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