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Recorder Ensemble Music

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The Rest.
More difficult. Some with piano.

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Two Six Part German Motetes arr.Burgess
   Handl Laetentur Caeli (SAATTB)
   Hakenberger Exsultate Justi (SSATTB)
      Score & parts.
Peacock P 62  
Two French Dances (SATB) arr. Carey Earlham EP 1004  
Three Scottish Country Dances (SSATB)
   Score & parts.
Schott ED 11807  
Three Trios from Mulliner's Book (SSA) Schott ED 11544  
Four Carmina (a 4) (SATB) Score RMM SP 2324  
Four Early Tudor Trios (SAT) Score Schott ED 11550  
Four Sea Songs arr. Pennick 5 recs. Score Schott ED 11805  
5 Trios arr. Davey Score & parts. RMM DMP 301  
5 Quartets arr. Davey Score & parts. RMM DMP 401  
Five C17 Pieces (various)
    arr. Bloodworth (archive) Score & parts.
Novello 12 0593  
5 English Consort Pieces arr Bergmann Faberprint    
7 French Chansons arr. Delius (SATB)
   Score & parts.
Lienau RL 40280  
Seven Consorts from Dolmetsch Collection
   (SATB) (Was 'Schott Archive of Recorder Consorts Vol.III'.)
Schott ED 11541  
Seven Dances from Court of Henry VIII
   (SATB) arr. Holman
Earlham EP 1007  
Nine Dances from Court of Elizabeth
   (SATB) arr. Holman
Earlham EP 1008  
Anthology arr. Bernard Thomas Performance scores.
Anthology Vol.1 C15 Music Schott ED 12387  
Anthology Vol.2 French & Spanish Music Schott ED 12388  
Anthology Vol.3 Italian Music Schott ED 12389  
Anthology Vol.4 Dance Music Schott ED 12390  
various Vol.5 German & Dutch Music Schott ED 12391  
Anthology Vol.6 English Music Schott ED 12392  
"Blockflöten" titles are listed as "Recorder"
Blockflötentrio Ensemble Dreiklang Berlin, Score & parts.
Mozart, Telemann comprises:-
   Mozart: Alla Turka (ATB),
   Telemann: Presto (TTB)
Uni. UE 31471  
Blockflötentrio Ensemble Dreiklang Berlin, Score & parts.
Jennings, Rosin, Traditional. comprises:- Uni. UE 31475  
Jennings, Rosin, Traditional.    Jennings: My Heart Will Go On "Titanic" (S/A TB)
   Rosin: Blue Train (1999) (S/A TB)
   Amazing Grace arr. Rosin (S/A TB)
Classical & Romantic Pieces arr. Reichelt (SATB)
    Score & parts
Doblinger 04 464  
Consort Collection Vol I, 4 Recorders LPM DOL 101  
Consort Collection Vol II, 5 Recorders LPM DOL 107  
Consort with a Swing, EMI, is long out of print and unavailable.
Easy Recorder Quartets (SATB) all perf. score.
various From Hassler to Bach arr. Reichelt Schott ED 7819  
various From Beethoven to Bernstein arr. Reichelt Schott ED 8067  
various European Folk Songs arr. Linde Schott ED 8916  
various Quartet Exercises for Recorder Schott ED 5262  
The King's Musick (court of Henry VIII)  arr. M.Harras
   Vol.1 (ATTB) Performance score. Pan 809  
   Vol.2 (ATB) Performance score. Pan 810  
Jacobean Consort Music (3 parts.)
   Book.I, 5 Fantasias & 2 Dances
S & B H 132  
Lachrimae (SATTB)
   Four Pavans & Galliards
Peters N 1182  
The Medieval Collection. 2-3 recorders ed. L. Bernstein LPM DOL 116  
Medieval Trios (SAT) arr.Coles Uni. UE 17134 O/P 
Music for Recorder Quartet arr. Schaffer
    12 German Class. & Pre-Class. pieces
   (SSAT) Performance score.
Doblinger 04 331  
Quartets for Recorders for Beginners Uni. UE 17135  
Recorder Consorts arr. Murray Kevin Mayhew    
Recorder Quartets (SATB) Performance scores.
   Vol.1 Vocal Mus. of Renaissance Uni. UE 17118  
   Vol.2 Inst. Mus. of Renaissance Uni. UE 17119  
   Vol.3 Renaissance Dances Uni. UE 17120  
   Vol.4 Famous Baroque Pieces Uni. UE 17121  
The Recorder Book, 44 Pieces
    ( was red/black, now blue) arr. Rosenberg
Schott ED 11380  
The Recorder Consort arr. Rosenberg Performance scores.
various Vol.1, 47 Pieces (was yellow, now green!) B & H M 060
02279 1
various Vol.2, 44 Pieces (green) B & H M 060
02280 7
various Vol.3, 40 Pieces (red) B & H M 060
07445 5
various Vol.4, 40 Pieces (blue) B & H M 060
09765 2
The above five vols. arr. Rosenberg are all of similar content, pieces for various
groups from two to six recorders, mainly early music. Excellent!
Fun & Games Recorder Ensemble Collection
    Similar to the Rosenberg collections,
    but easier.
Schott ED 12911  
Recorder Quartets from the Beginning
   13 Pieces of fair difficulty, arr. John Pitts.
       "Popular" titles, score
M.Sales CH 61696  
various 13 Pieces as above, part set M.Sales CH 65109  
"The Schott Recorder Consort Anthology"   see under "Anthology"
"The Royal Wind Music"
   Vol I see Bassano, A
   Vol II see Bassano, J
   Vol III Coleman, C & Lanier, N Spartan NM 228  
"Sound the Bright Flutes" (SATB)
   Score & parts
Spartan NM 154  
Times Past - 5 C16 Dances (AAT)
   arr. Enfield
Ricordi LD 685  
Tudor Trios (SAT) ARS No.45  
Yugoslav Folkdances (SSA, ad. lib perc.) Schott ED 10467  
Brian Boru's March. (S + opt.A & T + piano) RMM DMP304  
Greensleeves (SATB) RMM AP 044  
The Sailors' Hornpipe (SATB) arr. Griffiths de Haske F 408  
Piper's Fancy (SAT)
   (Previousy, "Honour Your Partner")
   English country dance tunes.
RMM P 467  
Anon O Venus bant for 4 insts (SATB)
    (Two settings, c.1500) 4 scores.
LPM EML 373  
Adson, John
John Adson Courtly Masquing Ayres (SSA A/T B)
   arr. Ring. Score & parts.
Uni. UE 12574 nla
Alford, Kenneth J.
Kenneth Alford Colonel Bogey (NATTB) RMM AP 069  
Alwyn, William
William Alwyn Moto Perpetuo (SATB) Score & parts. Forsyth FAW02  
Arnold, Malcolm
Malcolm Arnold Miniature Suite arr. Bloodworth. Lengnick AL 0204  
Bach, J. S.
J. S. Bach 3 Pieces from Well Tempered Clavier
   arr. Staeps. (SATB) Score & parts.
Doblinger FL 40  
J. S. Bach 6 Chorales Performance score. Uni. UE 12561  
J. S. Bach Fourteen Canons Performance score. Bär. BA 6431  
J. S. Bach Allegretto & Andante (SAT) Uni. UE 14006 O/P 
J. S. Bach Allabreve (SATB) arr. Katz LPM DOL 309  
J. S. Bach Bach for 3 Recorders (SAT) arr. Whitney
   Performance Score
RMM SP 2356  
J. S. Bach Concerto no.7 in F RMM PDL 45  
J. S. Bach Chorale Prelude (AAB) (3 parts, no score) Schott ED 11600
(ARCH 62)
J. S. Bach Fuga VII (SATB)Performance score. RMM PP 48  
J. S. Bach Fugues (3) (SATB) Hargail H 133 O/P 
J. S. Bach Fugues Bk.2 (3) SATB + NSATB Hargail H 141  
J. S. Bach Fugue in C BWV 564 (SATB)
   Score & parts.
Zydeco ZR 002  
J. S. Bach Fugue in g BWV 578 (SATB)
   Score & parts.
Zydeco ZR 001  
J. S. Bach Gigue (Suite No. 3) parts
J. S. Bach Fuga Alla Breve e Staccato arr. Katz LPM DOL 308  
J. S. Bach Gallina Cuccu (SAT) Hofmeister FH 2351  
J. S. Bach Praeludium pro organo pleno (SATB Gb) RMM PDL 35  
J. S. Bach Rondeau, Bouree, Menuet, Badinerie
   from Suite No.2 in b. (ATB)
   Score & parts.
Uni. UE 31473  
Badings, Henk
Henk Badings Trio (SSA) Moeck ZfS 217  
Ball, Christopher
Christopher Ball The Fairground Organ (SSAT or SSTT)
   Score & parts.
RMM PCB 0025D  
Christopher Ball Music for a Banquet (N/A SATB)
   Score & parts.
RMM PCD 0030D  
Banchieri, Adriano
Adriano Banchieri Two Fantasias (SATB) RMM PDL 05  
Bartók, Béla
Béla Bartók Peasant Songs & Dances (AT or AAT) arr. Staeps
  * Vol.1 Uni. UE 12601  
Béla Bartók * Vol.2 Uni. UE 12605  
Béla Bartók Roumanian Folk Dances (SATB)
   arr. Staeps
Uni. UE 18041  
Barton, Diane
Diane Barton Swing it Bach! (SATB) Score & parts. RMM P 115  
Bassano, Jerome
Jerome Bassano Four Fantasias in 5 pts, (SSATB)
   Score & parts.
Spartan NM 202  
Batt, Mike
Mike Batt The Wombling Song arr. Davey (SAT Pno.)
   Score & parts.
RMM DMP 357  
Beethoven, Ludwig van
Ludwig van Beethoven Trio Op. 87 arr. Hunt (SAT) (Score) Schott ED 12204  
Ludwig van Beethoven Allegro for a Flute Clock arr. Davey
    (SAT) Score & parts.
RMM DMP 303  
Bergmann, Walter
Walter Bergmann Septet (SSAAAAA) Forsyth FBW01  
Bernie, Pinkard & Casey
Bernie, Pinkard & Casey Sweet Georgia Brown (SATB)
   Score & parts.
RMM AP 108  
Bizet, Georges
Georges Bizet Toreador's Song arr. A. Lewin (S A/N ATB)
   Score & parts.
Hawthorns RA 12  
Boismortier, J. B. de
J. B. de Boismortier 2 Four Part Sonatas (ATTB)
   arr. D. Bruggen / B. Driever
Moeck EM 2811  
Bowman, Euday L.
Euday Bowman 12th.Street Rag arr. Davey (SAT + Kbd)
   Score & parts.
RMM DMP351  
Boyce, William
William Boyce Symphony No.8 arr.Davey (SSAT cont.)
   Score & parts.
RMM DMP609  
Brade, William
William Brace English Consort (SSATB)
   Score & parts. Archive photocopy
Uni. UE 14029  
William Brace    see also English Masque Dances Bär. BA 8209  
William Brace Paduan & Gagliarda in 5 parts 5 scores LPM EML 249  
Bradford Robinson, J.
J. Bradford Robinson Show Tunes (SATB)
   Performance score.
Bär. BA 6412  
Bratton, John
John Bratton The Teddy Bear's Picnic (SATB)
   Score & parts
RMM AP 001  
Bresgen, Cesar
Cesar Bresgen Musica matutina (SATB) Score Moeck ZfS 420  
Britten, Benjamin
Benjamin Britten Alpine Suite (SSA) Score B & H 1389  
Brumel, Giaches et al.
Giaches Brumel 2 Ricercari for 4 insts. Score & parts. LPM LPM 208  
Bryars, Gavin
Gavin Bryars A Family Likeness (AATTBB) Score Schott ED 13240  
Gavin Bryars A Family Likeness (AATTBB) Parts Schott ED 13240-10  
Byrd, William
William Byrd The Six-part Consort Music LPM EM 20  
William Byrd Fantazia a 4 (SATB) Schott ED 11602  
William Byrd Fantasia a 5 (SATTB) Schott ED 11524  
William Byrd Sellenger's Round (SATB) Schott ED 11522  
William Byrd Sing Joyfully a 6 Parts
William Byrd The Leaves Be Green (SAATB) Schott ED 11596  
Byrt, John
John Byrt Octet for Recorders (SATB SATB) Nymet NYM 058  
John Byrt Reflections (SATB SATB) Nymet NYM 003  
Caldini, Fulvio
Fulvio Caldini Caldini, Fulvio Christe Eleison Op.59/C
   (AATTB) Score & parts.
RMM FEA 066  
Carey, James
James Carey At the Circus (SATB)
   Score & parts.
de Haske F 508  
James Carey At the Fair (SATB)
   Score & parts.
de Haske F 656  
James Carey Cocktails (SATB)
   Score & parts.
de Haske F 434  
James Carey Mississippi Pictures (SATB)
   Score & parts.
de Haske F 641  
James Carey Mock Baroque (SAT + B or Pno)
   Score & parts.
Earlham EP 1006  
James Carey Raise Your Hats (SATB)
   Score & parts.
de Haske F 719  
James Carey Trains (SATB)
   Score & parts.
de Haske F 362  
  See O`Carolan      
Cavaccio, Giovanni
Giovanni Cavaccio Toccata (SATB) Score & parts. LPM DOL 302  
Chabrier, Emanuel arr. Bradford Robinson
Emanuel Chabrier Souvenirs de Munich (SATB)
(Tristan Quadrilles after Wagner !)
Bär. BA 6413  
Challinger, Andrew
Andrew Challinger Second Suite ;(SSA pno)
   Score & parts.
Montem SR 29292  
Andrew Challinger Third Suite (SSAT pno)
   Score & parts.
Montem SR 29308  
Andrew Challinger Ballads, Blues & Riffs (SAATB) Montem SR 34968  
Andrew Challinger Bambo Mambo (SS pno) Montem SR 29674  
Andrew Challinger Bambo Mambo (AA pno)
   Score & parts.
Montem SR 28967  
Andrew Challinger Diversions (SSA) Montem SR 29346  
Andrew Challinger Masquing (SATB)
   Score & parts.
Montem SR 28998  
Andrew Challinger Replay (SAATB)
   Score & parts.
Montem SR 29001  
Andrew Challinger Scoring Points(SSAT pno)
   Score & parts.
Montem SR 29315  
Andrew Challinger Two Occasional Pieces (NSSSAATB Pno)
   Score & parts.
Montem SR 32728  
Andrew Challinger Two Occasional Pieces
   Recorder parts only.
Montem SR 32735  
Charlton, Andrew.
Andrew Charlto Three movements for 4 Recorders.
ARS No.76  
Chédeville, Nicholas
Nicholas Chédeville Quatrieme Suite
   (SATB) Score & parts.
Clark, Paul
Paul Clark Two Dutch Folk Songs
   (SATB) Score & parts.
Hawthorns RA 44  
Paul Clark Caramillo
   (SATB) Score & parts.
Hawthorns RA 37  
Paul Clark Irish Suite (SAATTB)
   Score & parts.
Hawthorns RA 027  
Claude le Jeune
Claude le Jeune Fantasie for 4 Instruments. (SATB)
    Score & parts.
Coleman, Charles
Charles Coleman Suite in 5 pts (S,S,S/A,A/T,B) see
    The Royal Wind Music Vol III
Spartan NM 228 link
Cooke, Arnold
Arnold Cook *Sonatina (SAT) Performance score. Moeck ZfS 412  
Arnold Cook Suite (SAT opt.k'board) Score & parts. Moeck EM 1513  
Arnold Cook Suite (SATB) Score. Moeck ZfS 321  
Coperario, John
John Coperario Two Fantasias (SATB) Moeck 410/411  
Coprario, John (as above)
John Coperario Eight 5-part Consorts Score & parts. LPM EM 27  
Corelli, Arcangelo
Arcangelo Corelli Adagio & Allegro from Op.6 No.6 (ATTB) RMM AP 101  
Arcangelo Corelli Trio in d. arr. from Op.3 No.5 (ATB) UMP (Ricordi) O/P 
Arcangelo Corelli Trio in F. arr. from Op.3 No.1 (SAT) Hargail EN 209 O/P 
Cornysh, William
William Cornysh Adieu! mes amours (SATB)
   Score & parts.
Hawthorns EE 16  
William Cornysh Fa la sol (SAT etc.)
   Score & parts.
Hawthorns EE 17  
Couperin, François
François Couperin Les Fauvetes Plaintives (SAT) Uni. UE 12554  
Crecquillon, Thomas
Thomas Crecquillon Un gay Bergier (T B Gb Sb) Moeck EM 2822  
Crossley-Holland, Peter
Peter Crossley-Holland Albion (SAB/T Pno) Score only Uni. UE 12600  
Dalla Casa, Girolamo
Girolamo Dalla Casa A la dolc' ombra (Sestina). (Setting with four decorated parts after Cipriano de Rore.)
   Score & 5 parts
LPM REP 12  
Davis, Alan
Alan Davis A Curious Suite (SAT)
   Performance score.
FMD N 2439  
Alan Davis Entomology (SAT) Performance score. RMM P 95  
Alan Davis Party Pieces (SATB) (2 perf. scores) Schott ED 12289  
Alan Davis Storybook (SAT) Score & parts. RMM P 29  
Denza, Luigi
Luigi Denza Funiculi Funicula (SATB) Score & parts. RMM AP 052  
Desmond, Paul
Paul Desmand Take Five (AATB) Score & parts. RMM AP 007  
Dornel, Antoine
Antoine Dornel Sonate en quatuor (SATB) LPM DOL 339  
Dowland, John
John Dowland Dowland Collection (SATB SATTB) LPM DOL 114  
East, Michael
Michael East Twelve Ayerie Fancies Vol III (SSAT)
    Performance score.
Schott ED 11571  
Michael East My Lovely Phillis & two other Fancies (SSA) Schott ED 11510 O/P 
Eccles, Lance
Lance Eccles Four Sephardic Songs (ATTB) Orpheus OMP 042  
Elgar, Edward
Sir Edward Elgar Chanson de Matin arr. Murray (SAATB). M. Sales NOV
Sir Edward Elgar Salut d'Amour arr. A. Lewin (NSAATB)
   Score & parts.
Hawthorns RA 11  
Evans, Colin
Colin Edward Sun Dance Suite (SAT & Pno)
    Part Set
B & H M 060
09764 5
Farago, Peter
Peter Farago Two Hungarian Peasant Songs (SATB) Bär. BA 8114  
Farnaby, Giles
Giles Farnaby Eight Pieces (SAT) Schott ED 11565  
Giles Farnaby Loth to Depart arr. Paul Clark (SAATTB)
   Score & parts.
Hawthorns RA 059  
Farquhar, David
David Farquhar A Folksong Trio (ATB) Forsyth FFD 01  
Ferguson, Howard
Howard Ferguson English Suite (SAT) Forsyth FFH 01  
Ferrabosco II, Alfonso
Alfonso Ferrabosco II First set of Pieces. (SAATB) Schott ED 11503  
Alfonso Ferrabosco II Second set of Pieces. (SSATB) Schott ED 11504  
Fortin, Viktor
Viktor Fortin Hafer Quartett (SATB) Score & parts. Dob D 04 472  
Viktor Fortin Roumanian Dances(SAAT)
   Score & parts.
Dob D 04 478  
Franck, Melchior
Melchior Frank Dances in 4 parts (SATB) Bär. BA 8215  
Melchior Frank Dance-Songs I (SATB) Score & parts. Br. & H. DM 32030  
Melchior Frank Dance-Songs II Br. & H. DM 32031  
Frescobaldi, Girolamo
Girolamo Frescobaldi 3 Toccatas (SATB)
    arr. Thomas
LPM DOL 301  
Girolamo Frescobaldi Bergamasca (2 versions)
   (SATB or SATT) Score & parts.
LPM DOL 307  
Girolamo Frescobaldi Canzona arr. Murray (SAAT) Schott ED 11578  
Girolamo Frescobaldi Canzoni Francese (SATB)
   Performance score.
Moeck ZfS 359/60  
Girolamo Frescobaldi Capriccio "la Girometta"
   (SATB) arr. Thomas
LPM DOL 334  
Girolamo Frescobaldi Capriccio "La Sol Fa"
   arr. Thomas (S T/A T B)
LPM DOL 333  
Girolamo Frescobaldi Ricercare Primo arr. Luff (SAAT) RMM PP 90  
Gabrieli, Giovanni
Giovanni Gabrieli Canzona XIII (SSAB-SAAB-SATB) Uni. UE 14000  
Giovanni Gabrieli Canzona per Sonar (SATB-SATB)
   Primi Toni
RMM PDL 22  
Giovanni Gabrieli Sonata Pian'e Forte (SSAT-AATB)
   Score & parts.
Uni. UE 12631  
Giovanni Gabrieli Sonata Pian'e Forte (SATB-SATB)
   Score & parts.
RMM PDL 23  
Gal, Hans
Hans Gal Divertimento (SAT) Score Schott OFB 120  
Genzmer, Harald
Harald Genzmer Five Bagatelles (SAT)
   Performance score.
Moeck ZfS 230  
Harald Genzmer Quartettino Score & parts. Schott OFB 31  
Harald Genzmer Trio (SAA) Schott OFB 35  
Gershwin, George
George Gershwin Fascinating Rhythm arr. Stan Davis (SATB)
   Score & parts. See also this version.
Arcadian Press AP 112  
George Gershwin Little Rhapsody in Blue
   arr. Stan Davis (SATB)
    Score & parts.
Arcadian Press AP 094  
Gervaise, Claude
Claude Gervaise Dance Suite (SATB) ed. Staley Schott ED 6816  
Gibbons, Orlando
Orlando Gibbons 3 Fantasias arr. Katz (AAB)
   Score & parts.
Dolce DOL 336  
Orlando Gibbons Ah Dear Heart & Silver Swan
   (SSATB or SAATB) Score
Uni. UE 12618  
Orlando Gibbons Fantasia a 6 No.1 parts Alex Ayre    
Orlando Gibbons Fantasia a 6 No.3 parts Alex Ayre    
Orlando Gibbons Fantasia a 6 No 5 parts Alex Ayre    
Orlando Gibbons Fantasy No.1 Schott ED 11548  
Orlando Gibbons Fantasy No.3 (SAT) Schott ED 11575  
Gounod, Charles
Charles Gounod Soldiers' Chorus (Faust) arr. Alyson Lewin
   (S A/N ATB) score & parts.
Hawthorns RA 003  
Greaves, Terence
Terence Greaves Miniature Quartet (SAAT) RMM PJT 001  
Hakenberger, Andreas
Andreas Hakenberger Exsultate Justi (SSATTB) Peacock P 62 link
Hall, Marg.
Marg. Hall Arthropodia (SATB)
   score & parts.
Hawthorns RA 145  
Hand, Colin
Colin Hand Divertimento (SATB, strings, piano, opt. perc.)
   Score & parts.
Schott ED 11156  
Colin Hand Fanfare for a Festival (SSATTB)
   Score & parts.
Schott ED 11814  
Colin Hand Fenland Suite (SAAT) (archive) Schott ED 11139  
Colin Hand The Hallam Suite (SATB) Spartan NM 245  
Handel, G. F.
G. F Handel Allegro from Concerto Grosso No.1
    arr. Davey (SAT) Score & parts.
RMM DMP 302  
G. F Handel Arrival of Queen of Sheba  arr. Clark
   (NSSAATTTBCbSb) Score & parts.
RMM Polyphonic Pubs. 87  
G. F Handel    as above arr. Davey
   (SSATB + Kbd) Score & parts.
RMM DMP 402  
G. F Handel Overture for St.Cecilia's Day (1739) Faberprint 50756 5  
G. F Handel Royal Fireworks Music
      (S S/A A/T B (Cb) opt. Timp)
   Lentement, Bourrée, La Paix
   La Rejouissance, Menuett
Dob 04 435  
G. F Handel Suite in g arr. Challinger (SATB) Montem SR 34951  
G. F Handel Water Music (S A/S T/A B + pno)
   Lentement, Air, Menuett
   Bourrée, Hornpipe, Alla Rigaudon
   Menuett, Menuett, Alla Rigaudon
Dob 04 436  
Handl, Jacob
Jacob Handl Laetentur Caeli (SAATTB) Peacock P 62 link
Hanschke, Hans Gerhard
Hans Gerhard Hanschke Kleine Spielmusik (SSA) Schott ED 3911  
Harvey, Raymond
Raymond Harvey Suite No. 1 (SATTB) Spartan NM 330  
Haydn, Joseph
Joseph Haydn 20 Pieces for Flute Clock Bk.I (SAT/A) Moeck ZfS 686/687  
Joseph Haydn 20 Pieces for Flute Clock Bk.II (SAT/A) Moeck ZfS 639/640  
Joseph Haydn 20 Pieces for Flute Clock Bk.III (SAT/A) Moeck ZfS 710/711  
Joseph Haydn Divertimento No.1 arr. Reichelt (SATB) Dob. 04463  
Henri le Jeune
Henri le Jeune Fantasia a Cinque (SSATB)
   Score & parts.
RMM PDL 01  
Henry VIII, King
Henry VIII Six Pieces for Three Recorders (SAT) Uni. UE 12623  
Henry VIII Quam Pulchra Es (three various recorders) Schott ED 11629  
Herbert, Victor
Victor Herbert Gypsy Medley (from The Fortune Teller)
   (N/S ATB) arr. S.Davis Score & parts.
RMM AP 083  
Hindemith, Paul
Paul Hindemith 3 American Folksongs (SSA/SAT)
   Score & parts.
Schott OFB 211  
Paul Hindemith Plöner Musiktag (SAA/T) miniature score. Schott ED10094-01  
Paul Hindemith parts Schott ED10094-02  
Paul Hindemith Plöner Musiktag (SAA/T) new edition,
   Score & parts.
Schott OFB 208  
Hirose, Ryohei
Ryohei Hirose Idyll 1 Performance Score
   (mostly SATB with some NS & A changes)
Zen-On R 144  
Hodges, Maurice
Maurice Hodges The Little Black Rose (Fantasia) (SATB)
   Score & parts.
Zydeco ZR 010  
Hoffmann, Holger
Holger Hoffmann Hinter den sieben Bergen (AAB)
   Score & parts.
Möseler M 22.608  
Holborne, Anthony
Anthony Holborne Three Quintets (SAATB) Schott ED 11512 O/P 
Anthony Holborne The Fruit of Love (and other pieces) (SATTB) Schott ED 11528  
Anthony Holborne Mens Innovata (6 Pavans & Galliards) (SAATB) Schott ED 11436  
Anthony Holborne Suite (SAATB) Score Schott ED 11555  
Anthony Holborne 1st. Set of Quintets (SSATB)
   Performance score.
Schott ED 11588  
Anthony Holborne 2nd. Set of Quintets (SSATB)
   Performance score.
Schott ED 11589  
Hook, James
James Hook *Terzetto No.2 (SSA) Schott ED 10744  
James Hook Trio from Op.133/1 (SAT)
   Performance score.
Schott ED 11811  
James Hook Trio from Op.83/4 (SAT)
   Score & Parts.
Uni UE 12635  
James Hook Trio from Op.133/II (SAT)
   Score & parts.
LPM DOL 321  
Hummel, Bertold
Bertold Hummel Pastorella (2000) (SAATB)
   Score & parts.
Schott OFB 189  
Isaac, Heinrich
Heinrich Isaac Two Carmina (a 3) (S/A TB) RMM SP2312  
Heinrich Isaac Three Polyphonic Songs (Voice + ATB)
    or (SATB) arr. Metcalfe
BMI Canada  
Jean d'Estrees
Jean d'Estrees Tiers Livre de Danseries LPM DM 9  
Jenkins, John.
John Jenkins Fantasy no.1 in c (SSATBGb) RMM PDL 43  
John Jenkins In Nomine no.1 à 6 (SSATBGb) RMM PDL 44  
Johnson, David
David Johnson Trio for Recorders (SAT)
   Performance score.
Forsyth FJD 01  
Joplin, Scott
Scott Joplin The Entertainer arr. Davey (SAT & Pno.)
   Score & parts.
RMM DMP 354  
Scott Joplin The Entertainer arr. A. Lewin (NSAATTB)
   Score & parts.
Hawthorns RA 8  
Scott Joplin Pineapple Rag arr. Hayward (SATB)
   Score & parts.
RMM ZR 009  
Josquin des Pres
Josquin des Pres Three Six-Part Pieces (SAATTB)
   Performance score.
Schott. ED 11532  
Josquin des Pres Absalon fili mi. Motet.(SATB) CCBN 16002  
Josquin des Pres Cueurs desoles & other quartets (SATB)
   Performance score.
Schott. ED 11530  
Kapsberger, Johann Hieronymus
Johann Hieronymus Kapsberger Libro primo de balli gagliardeet correnti
   for 4 insts. with optional continuo.
LPM DM 20  
Keuning, Hans P.
Hans Keuning Jazz Recording (SSA) Harmonia HU 3542  
King Henry VIII
Henry VIII See Henry VIII
Kosma, Joseph
Joseph Kosma Autumn Leaves arr. Davey (SSSAT + Kbd)
   Score & parts.
RMM DMP 552  
Lanier, Nicholas
Nicholas Lanier Suite in 5 pts. (S,S,S/A,A/T,B)
   see The Royal Wind Music Vol III
Spartan NM 228 link
Lasso, Orlando di
Orlando di Lasso Dance Movements (V's & M's) (SATB)
   Score & parts.
Schott ED 7338  
Orlando di Lasso Susana un Jour. (TBCbSb)
   (special order title)
Moeck EM 2821  
Lawes. William
William Lawes 5 Pieces from The Royal Consort (SSAT) Uni. UE 12586  
William Lawes Consort Set à 6 in F RMM PDL 24  
William Lawes Consort Set à 6 in g RMM PDL 26  
Leenhouts, Paul (arr.)
Paul Leenhouts "When Shall the Sun Shine" (SATB) Moeck EM 2803  
Legrenzi, Giovanni (1673)
Giovanni Legrenzi Sonata a 4 Op. 10/18 arr. Katz. Two versions, (AATB) or (SATB)
   Score & parts.
Dolce DOL 335  
Leigh, Richard
Richard Leigh Heartspring (SATB) Score & parts. Forsyth FLR01  
Lewin, Alyson
Alyson Lewin A Girl in Every Port (SATB)
   Score & parts.
Hawthorns RB 10  
Loeillet, Jean-Baptiste
Jean-Baptiste Loeillet Quintet in D minor (SATB)
   Score & parts.
Dolmetsch PDL 02  
Lotz, Hans-Georg
Hans-Georg Lotz Quartet on a C16 Intrada (SATB) Score Schott OFB 136  
Lully, J-B.
J-B. Lully Overture "Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme" CCBN 17001RO  
Lupo, Thomas
Thomas Lupo 5 Fantasias (AATB) LPM R/P DOL 311  
MacDowell, Edward
Edward MacDowell To a Wild Rose (SAATB) arr. Bonsor
    Performance score.
Schott ED 11810  
Mack, Cecil & Johnson, Jimmy
Cecil Mack & Jimmy Johnson Charleston (SSAAT + SATTB Pno) arr. Davey
   Score & parts.
RMM DMP 651  
Mancini, Henry
Henry Mancini Baby Elephant Walk (SATB)
   arr. Mia Schmidt Score & parts
de Haske 1599 08 070 MS  
Henry Mancini On the trail of the Pink Panther(ATBGb)
   arr. Paul Leehouts Score & parts
Moeck EM 2805  
Marlowe & Scott
Scott Marlow "A Taste of Honey" arr. Davey (SAT pno)
RMM DMP 356  
Maschera, Florentino
Florentino Maschera Two Canzona (SATB)
   1. La Capriola, 2. Canzona da Sonare
RMM PDL 03  
Maute, Matthias
Matthias Maute Ricercar (1988) (AAAB) Score & parts Moeck ZfS 702  
McKernon, Greg
Greg McKernon Jazz Triptych (SATB) Schott ED 12495  
McHugh & Fields
Fields McHugh I Can't Give You Anything But Love (AATB) RMM AP 146  
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix
Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy "Pilgrims' Chorus"
   (Andante from the Italien Symphony)
   (NSATTB) arr.P.Clark Score & parts.
RMM PP 153  
Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Wedding March (NSTB) RMM AP 068  
Mico, Richard
Richard Mico Fancy No.3 (SATB) Schott ED 11604  
Miller, Glenn
Glenn Miller Moonlight Serenade (SATB) de Haske DHP 1084504  
Mozart, Leopold
Leopold Mozart Eight Dances (SAT) Moeck zfs 141  
Leopold Mozart Toy Symphony arr. Hand
   (SSATB + 7 "toys")
Lindis P 79  
Mozart, W. A.
W. A. Mozart 5 Country Dances arr. C.Ball
    (SATB)Score & parts
RMM 2PCB-0022D  
W. A. Mozart Six Movements from Divertimenti
    arr. C.Medway(SAT SST etc)
      Performance  score.
W. A. Mozart Alla Turka see Blockflötentrio Uni. UE 31471  
W. A. Mozart Divertimento in C KV 439b/II arr. Winkler
   (SATB)   Score
Doblinger 04 469  
Mussorgsky, Modest
Modest Mussorgsky Gopak (arr. Paul Clark) (NSAATTBCb)
   Score & parts.
RMM PP 92  
O`Carolan, Turlough
Turlough O`Carolan 16 Trios (arr. Patrick Pfoess) (SSA)
   Score & parts.
Schott ED 20334  
Offenbach, Jacques
William Cornysh Can Can (SAATB)
   Score & parts.
Hawthorns RA 178  
Pachelbel, J.
J. Pachelbel Two Fugues Uni. UE 14005 O/P 
J. Pachelbel Canon arr. Davey (AAA + Kbd)
   Score & parts.
RMM DMP 305  
J. Pachelbel Pachelbel's Canon & Gigue arr. Carey
   (SSSB or Cb & Pno)
de Haske F 295  
Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi
Giovanni Pierluigi Palestrina Ricercari Sopra Li Tuoni    (ATTB or SAAT or SSAT)
Giovanni Pierluigi Palestrina Vol.I LPM DOL 318  
Giovanni Pierluigi Palestrina Vol.II LPM DOL 319  
Part, Arvo
Arvo Part "Arbos" for 7(8) rec. & 3 Triangles ad lib Uni. UE 17443  
Arvo Part "Da Pacem Domine" (SATB) Score & parts. Uni. UE 33704  
Arvo Part "Pari Intervallo" (SATB) 2 scores. Uni. UE 17444  
Arvo Part "Summa" (SATB) Score & parts. Uni. UE 33030  
Pepusch, Johann Christoph
Johann Christoph Pepusch Sonata in F (AAB/Cello.) Score Schott ED 11623  
   see also NM 219 No.1 (AA cont.)
Poser, Hans
Hans Poser Rendsburger Tänze Op.42 (SATB)
   Score & parts.
Sikorski Sik 410  
Praetorius, Michael
Michael Praetorius Dances from Terpsichore Score & parts.
     Vol I (SATB) Schott ED 12316  
Michael Praetorius    Vol II (SSATB) Schott ED 12317  
Michael Praetorius Dances from Tersichore Vol I, in 4 pts Score LPM DM 11  
Purcell, Henry
Henry Purcell Three Grounds (SATBB/Cb SATB) de Haske DHP 1084448  
Henry Purcell Collection Vol II 25 Pieces (SATB)
   Performance score.
LPM DOL 121  
Henry Purcell Dido's Lament arr. G. Lewin (SSATB)
   Score & parts.
Hawthorns RA 061  
Henry Purcell In Nomine (SSATTB or AATTBCb) LPM DOL 313  
Henry Purcell Music to Distressed Innocence Vol.1
   arr. Bergmann (SATB)
Schott ED 11776  
Henry Purcell Pavane in c & Fantasie in a.
   arr. D. Bruggen (AAAB)
Moeck 2807  
Henry Purcell Suite from 'The Fairy Queen' (SAT cont.)
Uni UE 12604  
Rauber, François
François Rauber Petite Suite
   (successively S A T N with string quartet)
Billaudot G 4478 B  
Regnart, Jacob C16
Jacob Regnart Deutsche dreistimmige Lieder (SAT) Score Br. & H. DM 32034  
Rein, Walter
Walter Rein Variations on a folk song. Score Noetzel N 8588  
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolai
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov Dance of the Tumblers (SATB)
   Score & parts.
RMM AP 095  
Rose, Brown & Henderson
Rose, Brown & Henderson Don't Bring Lulu arr. Davey (SSATT + Kbd)
   Score & parts.
RMM DMP 553  
Rose, Pete
Pete Rose "New Braun Bag" (ATB) Score & parts. Uni. UE 30190  
Pete Rose "Tall P" (SATB) Score & parts. Moeck 2816  
Pete Rose "Waiting for a Bus" (3 Fantasies) (S,A,A/T,T,B)
   Score & parts.
Uni. UE 30372  
Rossi, Salomon
Salomon Rossi Sinfonien & Gaillarden ed. Giesbert (SATB) Schott ED 4096  
Rubbra, Edmund
Edmund Rubbra Notturno Op.106 (SATB) Score FMD Lengnick  
San Martino, Giuseppe
Giuseppe San Martino Divertimento in Bb arr. Staeps (SSATB)
   Score & parts.
Doblinger FL 7  
Sanz, Gaspar
Gaspar Sanz Spanish Airs & Dances arr. C.Ball
   (SATB) Score & parts.
   (As in Rodrigo's "Bourgeoise Gentilhomme")
RMM 2PCB-0020D  
Saux, Gaston
Gaston Saux Quartet in F, parts set Schott ED 10753  
Gaston Saux score Schott ED 10753-01 O/P 
Gaston Saux Quartet in G No. 2. parts set Schott ED 10941  
Gaston Saux score Schott ED 10941-05 O/P 
Gaston Saux    In case of urgent need I may be able to help with the above out of print title.
Scarlatti, Domenico
Domenico Scarlatti Capriccio Fugato (SSSSAATTBB) Schott ED 11529  
Domenico Scarlatti Sonata in g (SATB) Score & parts. Zydeco ZR 005  
Scheidt, Samuel
Samuel Scheidt Fantasia super Io Son Ferito Lasso (SATB) LPM DOL 312  
Schmelzer, J. H.
J. H. Schmelzer Sonata 7 recorders and continuo.
   Score & parts.
Schott OFB 1017  
Schubert, Franz
Franz Schubert Dances (SATB)
   Score & parts.
MDS DOB 04 492  
Schütz, Heinrich
Heinrich Schütz Auf Dem Gebirge (AATTTBB) LPM DOL 320  
Heinrich Schütz Du Schalksknecht (AATTTBB) LPM DOL 314  
Heinrich Schütz Fantasia à 5 arr. Williams
   Score & parts.
Ricordi LD 622  
Schwertberger, Gerald
Gerald Schwertberger Fiesta Latina (SATB) (two scores) Dob. 04 454  
Gerald Schwertberger Mississippi Suite (SAT) Dob. 04 425  
Seiber, Mátyás
Mátyás Seiber Dance Suite arr. Bloodworth (SATB)
Mátyás Seiber Vol.1 (blue) Schott ED 12251  
Mátyás Seiber Vol.2 (orange) Schott ED 12252  
Mátyás Seiber Vol.3 (green) Schott ED 12347  
Senfl, Ludwig
Ludwig Senfl Carmen: Das Lang (1538)
   (SAT / ATB) Score & parts.
Hawthorns RA 020  
Ludwig Senfl Carmen in la (ATB / SAT)
   Score & parts.
Hawthorns RA 14  
Short, Michael
Michael Short Intrada, Song, and Dance.(SATB)
   Score & parts.
RMM P 230  
Michael Short The Winds of Change (SAATB)
   Score & parts.
Hawthorns RB 05  
Shott, Peter
Peter Shott see under Leenhouts for "Aan de Amsterdamse grachen".
Sieg, Sören
Sören Sieg Pina ya phala (ATB)
   (African Suite No.2)
Moeck EM 1570  
Sören Sieg Mavumo Ya Uana)
   (African Suite No.3)
Moeck EM 2826  
Simpson, Thomas
Thomas Simpson Opus newer Paduanen, Galliarden, Intraden, Canzonen (1617) for 5 insts. score LPM MP 9  
Sissle & Blake
Sissle & Blake I'm Just wild About Harry (S/A ATB) RMM AP 023  
Sousa, John Philip
John Philip Sousa Washington Post (S/N ATB) RMM RMM AP 003  
Staeps, H. U.
H. U. Staeps 7 Flute Dances (SAAT)
   2 performance scores
Doblinger HBR 5  
H. U. Staeps Berlin Sonata (sextet)
   (SSA, doubled an octave lower by TTB)
Uni UE 17191  
H. U. Staeps Partita in C on a French Tune (SATB) Moeck ZfS 309  
Susato, Tielman
Tielman Susato Susato Danserye (1551) Complete edition,
   4 Scores and Commentary.
LPM LPM 101A  
Tielman Susato Danserie ed. N. Delius
   Vol I Score
Schott ED 7631  
Tielman Susato    Vol II Score Schott ED 7632  
Tielman Susato Susato Collection (SATB) LPM DOL 108  
Sweelink, Jan Pieterszoon
Jan Pieterszoon Sweelink Engelsche Fortuyn variations (SATB)
   Score & parts.
Zydeco ZR006  
Jan Pieterszoon Sweelink Fantasia (SATB) LPM DOL 317  
Jan Pieterszoon Sweelink Psalm 105 a 7 (SATB) CCBN 16002  
Telemann, G. P.
G. P. Telemann Suite No. 1 in d. (AAT T/B) Noetzel N 3778  
G. P. Telemann Presto, see Blockflötentrio Uni. UE 31471  
Templeton, Alec
AlecTempleton Bach Goes to Town arr. Davey (SAT T/B)
   Score & parts.
RMM DMP352  
Tenta, Philipp
Tenta Philipp Tian Hei Hei (Taiwanese Folksongs) (SATB)
   Score & parts.
MDS DOB 04 482  
Teschner, Hans Joachim
Hans Joachim Teschner A Smell of Roses Score & parts. Moeck EM 2138  
Tomkins, Thomas
Thomas Tomkins 5 Pavans & 2 Galliards (SATB) Score Uni. UE 14001  
Torelli, Guiseppi
Guiseppi Torelli Concerto for Seven Recorders (AAATTBGb)
   from a concerto for two violins and strings.
RMM PDL 21  
Troilo, Antonio
Antonio Troilo 4 Canzoni for 5 Instruments LPM IM 20  
Tschaikowsky, Peter Ilych
Peter Ilych Tschaikowsky Trepak (Nutcracker) (SATB) RMM AP 058  
Vaughan Williams, R.
R. Vaughan Williams Prelude on Rhosymedre arr. Clark
   (Score & parts)
S & B H 155  
R. Vaughan Williams Suite for Pipes or Recorders Score & parts. RMM P 104  
Vecchi, Orazio
Orazio Vecchi 5 Imitations (SAT) Performance score Uni. UE 14031  
Viadana, Ludovico Grossi di
Ludovico Grossi di Viadana Canzona (SATB SATB) Uni. UE 14037  
Ludovico Grossi di Viadana La Padovana (8 insts. in 2 choirs and cont.) LPM EML 214  
Vitali, G
G. Vitali Capricio à 4 (SATB) RMM PDL 17  
Vivaldi, A.
Antonio Vivaldi Concerto in C (RV 443, Op.44/11)
   arr. Bertho Driever (AATB)
Moeck EM 2801  
Antonio Vivaldi Concerto d (RV 565, Op.3/11)
   arr. Daniel Bruggen (SSTB)
Moeck EM 2824  
Antonio Vivaldi Sarabanda arr. S.Davis (ATTBCb)
   Score & parts.
RMM AP 078  
Waller, Thomas 'Fats'
Thomas 'Fats' Waller Ain't Misbehavin arr. Davey (SSAAT + Pno.)
   Score & parts.
RMM DMP551  
Warlock, Peter
Peter Warlock "Capriol Suite" (SAAT B/T)
   arr. Stanley Taylor Score & parts.
B & H M 060
02917 2
Peter Warlock "Capriol Suite" (SAAT B/T)
   arr. Stanley Taylor Parts only.
B & H SR 41553  
Wilder, Philip van
Philip van Wilder Fantasia con Pause et senza Pause (SATB)
   Score & parts.
Earlham EP 1009  
Woods, Harry
Harry Woods When the Red, Red Robin... (SSAAT pno)
   Score & parts.
Davey DM 60  

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