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Mark with the college cat.

Dr Mark Everingham.

1973 - 2012

Mark, my younger son, was a computer scientist with a world wide reputation.
Mark's colleagues have set up in an interactive page


where you can get some idea of the sort of person he was and what he did.

There is also a memorial page here.

We know that Mark had a difficult time at school and that

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was in his last thoughts.

Mark had taken up distance running, seriously, and obtained a place in the 2013 London Marathon.

Andrea, his step-sister, also runs and has been able to take up his place.

She is running in support of Place2Be. You can see a 'poster' by clicking here:-

Marathon Poster.

I am very grateful to all those who made the tribute event in Leeds on 17th September 2012 such a success. The atmosphere was lively and the presentations of the results of Mark's research projects were accessible, even to visitors outside the computer vision field.

You can see a scan of the program for the event here.

Image of Butterfly

John Everingham

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