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Mark with the college cat.

Dr Mark Everingham.

1973 - 2012

Mark, my younger son, was a computer scientist with a world wide reputation.

We know that Mark had a difficult time at school and that

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was in his last thoughts.

Mark had taken up distance running, seriously, and obtained a place in the 2013 London Marathon.

Andrea, his step-sister, also runs and has been able to take up his place.

She is running in support of Place2Be. You can see a 'poster' by clicking here:-

Marathon Poster.

I am very grateful to all those who made the tribute event in Leeds on 17th September 2012 such a success. The atmosphere was lively and the presentations of the results of Mark's research projects were accessible, even to visitors outside the computer vision field.

You can see a scan of the program for the event here.

Image of Butterfly

John Everingham

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