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Explanatory Notes.

This information is provided for those who have not met this system before. It is a good system, and secure. I can see when problems arise and I may contact you if they do. If you do not regularly buy things over the internet it is not unusual for banks to block a significant international transaction and it needs a phone call from the account holder to clear it.

WorldPay is part of the worldwide banking system. Each transaction is individually authorised. It does not have the convenience of one click payment methods. I prefer this to systems that are linked to marketing services. Any information you choose to enter will only be used for the purposes of security.

I respond to orders by generating an invoice which I send to clients as a pdf file attached to my reply email. It carries all the details of the order... goods, services, prices and your delivery address. (If you are unsure what an 'invoice' is, just think of it as a bill.) You will also get a direct email from WorldPay setting out the payment requested and with a link to a secure WordPay page where you can make your payment by card. It will include 'PBL xxxx' where 'xxxx' is your invoice number. The payment request message may arrive before my mail! If these messages do not appear you should check your spam or trash folder. (Or, it could be my fault in copying your email address details... )

The linked page is not an order form. The entry fields all relate to PAYMENT and SECURITY. If information relating to delivery to an address other than the registered address of the card holder is entered the transaction will surely fail.

I no longer have any form of card terminal. If you visit me and wish to make a purchase by card you can use your own smart phone or open a private window in one of my computers.

All my card transactions are now conducted over the internet via this system.

  • The 'PayByLink' system provides a link to a secure private online payment page. The page is on a secure site maintained by my card services provider, WorldPay.
    (The link is to 'https://secure.worldpay.com/public/paybylink/...)

  • This is a Payment page that is generated for me by WorldPay when I have entered a reference and other details via my link to WorldPay.

  • My clients (you) enter card payment details via the linked online page. When the transaction is confirmed after pressing the 'Submit' button (almost immediately) the PayByLink system notifies me by email confirming payment has been made. If the goods have not already been sent, this is the signal for me to send them. (I am also informed of failed payment attempts.) You will get emailed reports too if you received the link from direct from WorldPay.

  • If you have an additional security check procedure with your bank you will get another window where you must add your extra authorisation. If you do not do this, or get it wrong, the transaction will time out or fail. If you do not receive a 'Success' report pop up the transaction has failed and no money has moved. (I do not get notified, but I can see a record of timed out procedures when I look at the PayByLink log. They may take a day to arrive.)

  • If you have reponded to an emailed WorldPay link you will receive an emailed confirmation of payment.


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