Aura BS 3B and 'Zamra' Descants

"The Lord Phoppington"
"Playford's Dancing Master"
Faber Music 50723 8.

These two recorders, from the same maker, sound the same (to me) but are different in external profile and are made of different woods. They are good starter instruments for a player who wants wood rather than plastic.

I needed a new recording and I chose to play "The Lord Phoppington", from "Playford's Dancing Master" because it is similar the "Blackheath", that have used to demonstrate other low priced descants. The lowest note is C and the highest is G. I first play the piece on the   Zamra    and then repeat it on the Aura BS 3B. If you highlight this text you will be able to read the 'missing' words.

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