Kent Blue Plastic Descant

"Rosemondt", from the "Fluyten Lust-Hof"
collection of Jacob van Eyck.
Noetzel Edition N 3329

You might expect this recorder to be a 'toy' judging by its tasteful translucent plastic... but you would be wrong!

I really like the sound and feel of this recorder. I changed octave while playing 'Rosemondt' in order to cover the full range of a descant recorder. The piece is in C but it sounds equally good in any other key on this model.

You can also hear me playing this piece (faster, and without any digital reverberation) on an Aulos Haka model descant. Select it from the sound file list that comes up if you click the button below.

If the player is not working for you, left, or right, click one of the buttons below.
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