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John & Lyn's Holiday in Scotland
June 2010.

Some pictures to share with you.

 Loch Awe Cabin

By Loch Awe.
A small but adequate cabin.
We didn't bother try the satellite TV!

The GM4TRN/A station.

The amateur radio station was quickly set up
with the hope of making a regular 80m. contact with Suffolk.

80m. Whip Installation.

The 8 ft. whip did give GM4TRN a few contacts on 80m
but there were more interesting things to do.

And sights to see.

View of Loch Awe, North from beach.

The view Northwards, a few steps from our cabin.



McCaig's Tower.

McCaig's Tower... from the inside.
Well worth the (considerable) effort of climbing the hill.

Oban Bay.

The view over Oban from McCaig's Tower.

Coffee & Chocolate cake.

A self indulgent high spot!

An excursion to Mull. Staffa and Iona was a real treat.
After a very wet and gloomy start
the weather became glorious.


Puffins on Staffa.

Fingal's Cave

Fingal's Cave.

The Monastery, Iona

The Monastery, Iona.

Forest Sunlight.

A walk from our cabin
in the forest, to Loch Avich,
took us by
the Avich Falls.

The Avich Falls.

We had to move on after a week
and spent a few days in Glasgow.
There was too much for our short stay
but a few things caught our eye.


The Beresford flats.

Police Box

Is this the 'Tardis'?

Willow Tea Room.

A visit to Willow tea rooms was a 'must'.
Lyn isn't known as
'Little Nanny'
in Sheffield without good reason!

Kelvingrove Museum.

The organ in Kelvingrove Museum
is played between 1.00 and 1.30.
We spent a whole day there.

Kelvingrove Museum.

This picture is mainly for Sam
who is very well informed
about dinosaurs.

We came back home via Sheffield.
Dave, (Lyn's son) and Louise live there
with their sons, Joe and Ben.

On the Friday we left Bristol
Ben was admitted to hospital.
The following Monday
he had an operation to remove a brain tumour.

This picture was taken ten days later, at home.
The outlook was good,
but he was continually in and out of hospital.
He had good times and bad times.

On April 30th. 2011, to our great sorrow, he died.

Dave started a Facebook page.
You need to log on and search for
'Pray for Ben Luck'
to find it.

You may also like to read Dave's open letter.

Ben Luck.

Ben Luck.
Keeping Jesus busy 2004 - eternity.

Just to put you into the picture,

Lyn's side of the family.
Louise - Lyn - Dave - Andrea - George - Sam
Kesiah - Zoe - Joe - Ben
(Andreas's husband, Pete, is not in this picture.)

Lyn's Side of the family.



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