Hahl 'Filius' Maple Descant

"Blackheath", from "Play Country Dances"
Faber Music 51004 3.

This is a very low priced wooden recorder but sounds remarkably good. It comes from a factory that is now closed and there will be no more. Put bluntly, it is a 'clearance' item! In the unlikely event of any trouble I will honour the guarantee statement on the fingering chart provided but this may have to be done in terms of cost rather than 'value' when my small stock is exhausted. (They are now all gone.)

I chose to play 'Blackheath' from Brian Bonsor's selection of tunes from Playford's 'Dancing Master' because this recorder is at its best playing folk music and 'Blackheath' includes several notes that often sound 'off key' on cheap recorders.

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