Arnold Dolmetsch Satinwood Descant,
No.1880, c.1950.
"Greensleeves", arr. Carl Dolmetsch
from "The Division Flute".
Schott ED 10366.

This track was recorded very late one winter's night and I apologise for the slips. I decided that a re-take would probably not be any better. It is the classic descant "show off" piece and not so difficult as you might think. It covers the full range of the instrument and needs rapid (even "double") tonguing. I was taught this piece (and learned it off by heart) at the age of ten, in 1951. It has stayed with me (the recording dates from around 2003). The keyboard part is very easy and may be embellished extempore by accomplished players, as indeed may the recorder part.

The recording was made to show off my recorder, hand made "for me". I treasure it like no other. At the time it was a considerable investment, especially as it had the then fashionable full ivory decoration, but was not thumbhole bushed. It cost my father twelve guineas.

Those of you with aggressive thumb technique may like to know that although I was taught to use my thumb nail I was taught to use it well. My recorder will last me out without being bushed. A recorder player's thumbnail should be as gentle as a fairy's kiss.

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