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This store is run by John Everingham. F.T.C.L


A small number of recordings on CD have found their way into stock. They are not widely available and have been chosen for recorder and similar interest. I am prepared to vouch for their quality.

If you are looking for recorder music with a CD backing disc please click here.

Trio Faronell. "Petite musique du chambre."
Alan Davis and friends. A concert programme of Telemann, Handel, Hotteterre and others, recorders, bass viol and lute. All beautifully played without excessive mannerisms.
Preludes Airs & Divisions
Alan Davis and friends again, with a beautiful programme of English music of around the late C17th.
Scherzi Musicalli
Alan Davis, again, this time with Sarah Westwood, soprano. Italian chamber music with voice, This is another beautiful collection, including the Vivaldi Cantata "All' ombra di sospetto" and the Marcello D minor sonata with other works by Cima, Riccio, Monteverdi and others no less well known.
Handel Complete Recorder Sonatas
GMCD 7301
Alan Davis, with David Ponsford, harpsichord, who also plays Handel's Suite No.7 in g.
Vivaldi concertos
CACD 88015
£8.50 Piers Adams.
The well known solo concertos (some better known as flute concertos) recorders and small ensemble. Lovely sound, with the recorder not too prominent.
John & Peter's Whistling Book
A 2 CD set of Modern English recorder music stunningly well played by John Turner and Peter Lawson. The music is published by Forsyth. This one is a "must have"!
Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.
OCD 710
Even if "modern" music is not your first choice you will find this new CD from John Turner and the Camerata Ensemble fascinating. This is a wonderful evocative collection of very beautiful music. John Turner has done it again.
Here We Come a-Piping
The Songs and Instrumental Music of Nicholas Marshall. Featuring John Turner and including Four Haiku and A Playford Garland.
Music Partner
Clear, unfussy recordings of the accompaniments. You need to be reasonably competent to enjoy playing with them. These are listed and priced in the music list now. Much more fun than a metronome!
Telemann Suite in a MP 882-1
Mancini Sonata No.1 MP 9433
Handel 4 Sonatas MP 4552
Veracini Vol.1 MP 4965a
Dowani 3 Tempi Play Along editions are listed with the music editions. They comprise a set of parts, solo instrument and continuo (or reduction) nicely produced and bundled with a CD.
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