Dolmetsch/Aura "School" descant 3120J/BS3B.

"Menuett" By G. F. Handel
"Easy Pieces", Schott ED 4364.

This model is a very good 'economy' descant.
By special arrangement I was able to keep the price down by dispensing with a fancy case.
Times change and I have replaced the Dolmetsch model with one branded Aura.
The differences are only in presentation and I decided not to waste the original sound recording.

More as a technical exercise than anything else I tried producing a file of a duet with myself playing one of these.
The result is quite pleasing (to me at least) and you can hear it too, by clicking here.
Its an anonymous Menuet from "15 Duets of the 17th and 18th Centuries", BRP 800.

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